How To Cope Up With High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

High blood pressure along with pregnancy is not always a dangerous combination. But blood pressure and early pregnancy need to be addressed before the alarm bells ring. You need to take care of yourself and even the developing baby.

During pregnancy would it be better to consume medicines?

There are some blood pressure medicines that are rated to be safe in usage during pregnancy. But it is suggested that there are certain medicines if better you avoid during the tenure of pregnancy. Though treatment assumes to be really important. If you suffer from high blood pressure it puts you at risk of heart attack, stroke along with a host of other complications. The worst aspect is that it can be dangerous for your baby.

If the doctor is of the opinion that you need medicines to control your blood pressure during pregnancy you will be recommended ones at a minimum degree of dose. The medication has to be prescribed as per the instructions. Do not alter or stop the dose of medicine without consulting the doctor.

How can you prepare for pregnancy?

If you are suffering from high blood pressure it is necessary to schedule a preconception appointment with your health care provider who is going to handle your pregnancy. Have a detailed meeting with various members of your health care team. They are going to evaluate an outline on how you are coping with high blood pressure and figure out any treatment changes that you might have to make before becoming pregnant. For example, if you are overweight the doctor may suggest you cut down on those extra pounds before pregnancy.

What can be expected during the course of prenatal visits?

When pregnant you are going to meet your health care provider very often. The blood pressure and weight are expected to be checked during the course of each and every visit. In fact, you are going to need frequent blood and urine tests. Blood pressure early pregnancy solves all the problems at the earliest. To figure out the well being of your baby the heartbeat of the baby is tested. The doctor is going to monitor the daily movements of the baby.

What can be done so as to reduce the complications?

In order to take care of the baby, vital advice would be to take care of you. For example

  • Be regular with your prenatal appointments- You need to visit your doctor regularly during the course of the prenatal visits
  • The blood pressure medicines need to be availed as per the advice of the doctor. They are going to suggest you safe medicines at the recommended dose
  • Be active as far as possible. This is going to ensure that the process of delivery becomes a lot easy
  • Discuss with your nutritionist about the benefits of opting for a healthy diet.
  • Be aware of what are the things which are off limits like smoking or alcohol

By following the above tips you can keep blood pressure at bay.