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How To Cope Up With A Rainy Weather Wedding


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The very thought of rain on the wedding day is nothing less than a nightmare for the couples who are about to be married. For months, you rigorously plan for your wedding with sheer enthusiasm and at the big day, rain swamp off all of your entwined dreams. It can surely dampen the mood of any individual who is going to marry soon.

You certainly can’t stop the force of Mother Nature to hit your wedding function but you can do some planning, take some precautions to deal successfully with the wet weather wedding. We have collated various efficacious tips that will help you cope up well with the wet weather effortlessly and allow you to have a wedding function without any tumult.

  1. Bring a Professional Wedding Planner on Board

We all know the significance of hiring professional wedding planners in Delhi NCR to organize the wedding function. They are always with backup plans and they can turn any buzz-lacking wedding function into a regaling affair. Whether rain or shine, when you have a wedding planner at your end, you don’t have to stress about what to do when the rain occurs.

Wedding planners have the team of proficient workers who know what measures to take in case of unwanted situations.

  1. Book Venue Encompassing Indoor Space

One of the finest ways to cope up with the wet weather wedding is booking a venue which encompasses a large indoor space. You can’t predict when the rain hits but you can easily protect your wedding function from getting ruined if the wedding venue has a stunning and humongous indoor space. We recommend you to give a huge preference to book the venue with indoor space where they don’t charge additional for using the indoor space.

  1. Send Weather Cards

Only a handful of people are aware of what weather cards actually are and how to use them efficiently. Weather cards are informative cards which comprise the information of alternative venue or reception plan if the rainy weather takes a toll on your wedding function. It includes a map to the alternative location and other vital information.

Sending the weather cards to your guests’ in advance will render you the peace of mind and assurance that even if the weather goes terrible, they know where to hop on.

  1. Create A Rainy Day Dance Playlist

Life is all about having the right outlook. Some people enjoy the rain, others only get wet. The moment you start embracing everything, life becomes more delightful and whimsical. Well, you can create a jazzy rainy dance playlist and set up the stage to dance like lunatics even if the rain arrives. Embrace the rain!

  1. Put Some Money in Event Insurance

Here’s something that most of the people won’t even bother to think of.  Getting your event insurance is one of the best ways to protect your hard-earned money. If the weather goes berserk and leaves you with the only option, postponing the event, you can still get back a huge chunk of your invested money, if you have event insurance of the wedding function.

  1. Don’t Be Stressful About Plan B

As they say, sometimes it’s all right not to have Plan B. You can’t control everything in life. But making the best out of any situation is certainly is in your hands. With the support of dear ones, a bit of planning and backup, you can ensure that the rain doesn’t ruin the most special day of your life.

Be peppy and plan your wedding function with full exuberance with these weather wedding tips. For more tips anything regarding wedding please visit https://www.shaadidukaan.com


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