How To Choose The Shoes For Your Wardrobe


One must not underestimate the power of shoes. When one can wear a great shoe then it can actually change the entire presentation of the outfit altogether.  Now there are many women who are fond of shoes and they exactly know what to keep in the shoe closet and what not.

For those who are in a dilemma and cannot be sure what to buy whenever they search women footwear online, they can always go for these basics which are an absolute must and can fulfil the shoe closet fashion completely.

Ballet Pumps

The evergreen ballet flats are a must. They are the obvious choice for all women because not only they are easy to use but they are very comfortable to wear. If one is having a sore feet day, then nothing like a ballerina pumps and on top of that they look great with any sort of outfit. One can go for some pastel shades or for fun prints on them. It is best to keep a black pair of it as it goes very well with every outfit.

Classic Sneakers

They can be a pair of timeless canvas but every woman must possess a pair of sneakers in their shoe closet. One can wear them throughout the year and they are really comfortable if one has to do too much of walking and running from one place to another. One can also try some dark leather shoes during winters.


If one is okay with wearing high heels then it is a good idea to keep a few pairs of them in the closet. It is a great idea to go for nude heels or black heels as they look really classy and they match with almost every outfits (both western and Indian).  One can also go for some bolder options if they love heels like neon red and blue. This one can wear with any simple outfit and this stark contrast will make it look perfect.

Ankle Boots

If one loves to collect and buy shoes then this is a must in their shoe collection. No matter if they go for heels or flat boots but all of them look really classy and one can pair them up with maxi dresses and jeans. If it is meant to be worn in winter then one can buy them of leather or suede material.

Flat Sandals

These are the staples for summer and humid seasons. One can go for regular strappy sandals or for the sliders that are very stylish. They are very comfortable to carry off and these shoes never weigh one down.

Knee High Boots

They are full of style and class and the knee length boots are perfect when it comes to winter. One can naturally pair them up with a lot of clothing and if one wants it only for a winter wearing purpose then black is the most convenient colour.

Apart from these one can also look for wedge sandals when they are searching ladies footwear online.