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How to Balance Exercise and Lower Back Pain on a Regular Basis


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Back pain has always been a common problem for everyone, regardless of age and medical background. It can give a negative effect on our daily living but that does not mean it cannot be solved especially by exercising. Continuing the routines can still be possible (with moderation) because not moving every time we are experiencing back pains can make our body weaker especially its tolerance to pain.

Parts of the Back and its Functions

The strongest bones in the body are located at the back, known as the backbone or the spinal column. It gives the whole body incredible strength and flexibility.

The spinal column is made up of 24 bones, called vertebrae, and they are located on top of each other. These bones have a so-called disc in between them along with the muscles and ligaments that aid as support around them. It also has the facet joints that are located on either side of them. Meanwhile, bones in the tailbone located at the bottom of the back have no discs in between.

Inside the vertebrae is where the spinal cord is which is connected to the brain through the base of the skull, also to the other parts of the body through the nerve roots that pass to the spaces of the bones of the spine.

Our aging and lifestyle affect the structures of the spine which are the joints, ligaments, and discs. Despite its strength, it does not guarantee its stiffness especially as we age.

Causes of Backpains

There are various reasons why a person experiences back pains, especially on the lower back. Some of them are the following:

–    Improper posture

–    Not exercising which results in stiffening of the muscles

–    Experiencing muscle pains or strains

Other possible but rare causes of back pains are:

–    Bone problems like fracture which can be caused by osteoporosis or thinning of the bones

–    Infection

–    Tumor or cyst

–    Bone inflammation

The Exercise and Lower Back Pains

Ironically, a person who experiences lower back pains should not neglect exercising because actually, it is very vital in spine rehabilitation and lessening the pain. Also, it helps to speed up the recovery of lower back pains. Remember that the spine and its components are amazingly strong, so they are still designed to be moved.

However, exercises for the lower back pains must be done in controlled and progressive ways.

Here are some of the benefits of exercising our lower back pains:

  1. It provides more strength from the muscles in the spine and releases pressure both in the disc and facet joints.
  2. It improves the mobility and lessens the stiffness.
  3. It enhances the distribution of the nutrients to the body, especially in the muscles and joints.
  4. It helps the body to release more endorphins, a natural pain reliever.
  5. It lessens the lower back pain episodes or minimizes the intensity of pain if t occurs.

Exercise as Remedy for Lower Back Pains

Some of the exercises that can be done are workouts that include stretches and strengthening routines, and also some aerobics that can help elevate the heart rate.

Regardless of the suggested ways, it is important to do the routines comprehensively working the whole body even if the concern is just the lower back. A qualified health professional must be consulted to know the right exercises and routines to be done. Various factors have to be considered to get the proper workout for you, including medical diagnosis, the intensity of the pain, pain relief needed, frequency to perform the exercise, and the correct posture and form needed to do the exercise.

Moreover, the focus and discipline are other things that are needed for longer-term pain relief. It is normal to experience more pain and discomfort especially on the first few days of exercises, and this the reason why people with lower back pains stop doing the routines. If this happens, you can consult the exercise professional so that some pain reduction and management can be given to you. However, this discomfort is completely normal, and as you continue doing the exercise, your body gets used to it.

And while striving to exercise despite the pain, you should not overdo it. No matter what that exercise it, it is important to do the routines gently and slowly increase the amount as you go along.

When do you Have to Seek Doctor

Most of the common lower back pain problems do not have to seek health professionals like in Home Healthcare. However, the following problems must require check-up and not just doing regular exercises:

–    If the pain is really bad

–    If the pain is there for a long time

–    If the pain stops you from doing your activities

–    If the pain gets worse

–    If the pain gives you significant problems and already affects your daily living.


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