How to Apply High Security Number Plate (HSRP) Online


High Security Number Plate Online Apply

A high-security number registration plate, also identified as “HSRP” is a nameplate made from aluminium. It comes attached to the vehicle with 2 non-reusable locks. This registration plate also has a chromium-based Ashoka hologramwhich is hot-stamped on the surface. The Ashoka hologram is blue in shade and is positionedright on the top left corner. It has a total measurement of 20mm x 20mm. There is a unique 10-digit PIN or permanent identification number at the plate’s bottom left corner which is laser-engraved on the reflective sheet. The high security number registration platealso has a hot-stamped film that is applied to theregistration letters and numerals with the inscription ‘India’ placed at a 45-degree angle. As the registration process is carried out, it islinked electronically to the vehicle.

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The MoRTH or Ministry of Road Transport and Highways in India has made it obligatory for all automobilessold prior to April 2019 to carry the HSRP. In the event that any car or vehicle does not have the HSRP, heavy charges will be levied on them. According to the Motor Vehicle Act, car owners who do not abide by this law will be fined a sum of ten thousand rupees. However, the fine amount was later compounded to the sum of five thousand and five hundred rupees.The main reason for making the use of HSRPmandatory is that old number plates that were used previously are very easy to manipulate and fiddle with. They can also be taken out and switched easily.

There areseveral instances where a stolen vehicle ends up with some replaced registration plate.  Such a situation makes it rather tough for the law enforcement agencyto track the cardown. The advantage of using the HSRPs is that they areequipped with a snap-on lock that cannot be detached easily. The lock is also very hard to replace. These HSRPs are extremely usefulas the vital details of the vehicle such as chassis number and engine number are preserved in the centraldatabase. This stored data as well as the 10-digit PIN can help to recognizea stolen car.

By choosing to go for high-security number plate online apply, the owner of the vehicle can have the car’s HSRP to make sure that he or she is in acquiescence with this mandate. HSRPs are decided by vehicle dealerships as well as private merchants approved by the state authority. The HSRPs are supplied only after the vehicle owner delivers crucial details such as chassis number and engine number. Such a procedure is extremely useful when it comes to thwarting the forging or counterfeiting of registration plates.

Last but not the least, incomprehensible registration plates can be an issue when car owners use different fonts and letterings in their registration plates instead of adhering to standard practice. This problem has also been resolved by the authorities with the help of HSRP. As the HSRP is characterised by uniform plates and fonts, it becomes a lot easier for the traffic police to read the registration plates. This can curtail illegal activities in a major way. 

Here are certain steps to follow when you are looking to get high-security number registration plates or HSRP.

Step 1. First and foremost, you need to visit the official website of HSRP application, i.e.,

Step 2. On the website, you need to furnish important details like Vehicle Number, Engine Number, Chassis Number, Name of the Owner, Mobile Number, Address, Vehicle Type, Vehicle Class and Fuel type. You need to choose between two options as presented with Vehicle Class – Transport or Non-transport. For personal vehicles, you must always choose “Non-transport”.

Step 3 Once you submit all of these details, you will be offered a unique username and a password that will be sent to your registered mobile number.

Step 4 As you submit these details, you will need to login into your account using your username and password for making the payment. You will get a receipt after you have made the payment. 

Step 5 You must have a printout of this receipt. You can also check the current status of your car’s HSRP application at  

Once your HSRP gets ready, you will get a message notifying you about the same on the registered mobile number.