How the BMW 7 Series Made It Best in the First Decade of 21st Century

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The entire BMW 7 series has been quite amazing for the mid sized Sedan category as it came up with plenty of new options to give competition to all the other luxury brands in the industry.

The flagship Sedan from BMW has long been regarded for the intense performance capabilities that it has already shown in the market, the sizable cabin, and the luxurious amenities that provides the model a cutting edge in the market. While it was designed to stay in line with the Audi A8, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, and the Jaguar XJ, these cluster of technological positives has actually pulled it way ahead than all the competitors in regards to both performance and styling factor. With the ovoid shaped trunk and wide flanks, the entire 7 Series designed between 2002 and 2008 was considered to be more radical, even though there was some discontentment regarding the appeal.

However, the 7 Series has not been completely unsuccessful in leaving its impact, because some of its imprints can be later traced in the Lexus LS and even in some of the Audi and Mercedes-Benz models. The automotive experts of BMW repair claim to give all the logical reasons for owning a 7 Series. The back seat is enormous, specifically on the stretched L versions. The V8 engine of the 750’s is a masterpiece in itself in terms of performance and efficiency, keeping aside the ride and handling which has already received acclaim. Even if the logics are kept completely aside, there are some awesome figures which will automatically allure one to get the BMW 7. Topped by the available V12 in the 760 and the brilliant Alpina B7 variant, this entire range of vehicles turn out to be the favorites of many.

Taking a note of the model milestones can actually help the car enthusiasts in keeping the entire range of vehicles in scale.

  • 2003– The new V12 engine graces the equally new 760Li trim, while the full-length side curtain airbags have been made standard. All the new options that are being available include the Adaptive Ride Package, the run flat tires, ventilated front and rear seats and even Active Cruise Control.
  • 2004– The very next year adds up a new Menu button to the iDrive controller while the adaptive headlamps have been made standard. Even the satellite radio has been added, along with the power folding exterior mirrors.
  • 2005– This year brings the Park Distance Control and Adaptive Headlights and is even made standard on the 745i. The Key-less entry and start option are being added on the optional list.
  • 2006– All the models released this year has a more powerful 4.8 liter V8 engine which ushers in the 750i and 750 Li replacing all the 745 previous models. Also new this year was the revised exterior and interior styling, and also a completely revised iDrive system.
  • 2007– The new features this year included the 20-way power adjustable seats, a standard power folding side mirrors, and the auxiliary audio input jack. The short wheelbase 760i has been discontinued for this year.

There has been definitely some mixed feelings on behalf of the customers as well as experts on BMW repair Greensboro. However, the positive experience has actually overshadowed the negative feedback and made it an awesome vehicle to run on the roads.