How Natural Remedies Can Be Helpful For Prostate Issues


The prostate is a gland which is present in the male body and after one reaches the age of 50, most men face a problem with this gland.

Sometimes the problems escalate to cancerous outgrowth as well. One can depend on herbal remedies for prostate cancers because they are sometimes really effective. Here are some natural ingredients which can be of great help.


Cayenne peppers are also popularly known as capsicum and they are a huge source of capsaicin. It is a substance which has a lot of cancer-killing properties. Many studies have shown that capsaicin has the capacity to kill prostate cancer cells in particular. It has autophagy which is a natural destructor of cancer cells and also takes part in dysfunctional components. One can intake cayenne powder as a supplement on a regular basis at least 2 to 3 times. It is also a good idea to ask a health care consultant before taking this.

Cruciferous vegetables

It is a category of vegetables which one needs to include in their regular diets, and this category of vegetables includes cauliflower, broccoli, kale, and Brussels sprouts. They are said to be very effective in inhibiting the enzymes which are involved in prostate cancer cell growth. These vegetables also protect DNA from damage and they also promote apoptosis and prevents the growth of cancer cells.


They are mainly bioactive ingredients which are mainly found in spice turmeric and they do have a lot of anti-cancer properties. It also induces cell death and reduces the expression of receptors when it comes to sex hormones. According to many studies, it is also said that they are very effective in fighting the cancer-related fibroblasts. One can also have it as a supplement and can have it with stews, grains and even with smoothies.


Ginger extracts are said to be very helpful in managing prostate cancers. It can also prevent cancer cell growth along with tumor growth and also inhibits cell life progression. One can have it on a daily basis by using it as a cooking ingredient and have it.

Green tea

There are a lot of polyphenols present in green tea and they always inhibit the growth of prostate cancer cells. In fact there are catechins present in green tea which are almost 90 percent effective in preventing prostate cancer cells. One should intake at least 200 mg of green tea on a regular basis for at least twice a day to get effective results. But one has to go for a quality brand when they are choosing a green tea and brew the tea for at least 3 to 4 minutes and do not use milk there. Using milk can also reduce the antioxidant value present in the tea.

One can also go for Ayurvedic treatment for prostate cancer India but for that one has to take help of an Ayurvedic practitioner as they are the only person who knows how to treat the disease.