How Leasing Got the Automotive Industry Back to Growth After Recession?


The vehicle industry has evolved greatly over the past few years as it was much required to survive the declination and subsequent lull in the economy of 2008-09. Back then not only the families were trying to make their ends meet, but also the automotive manufacturers faced similar challenges. Where the showrooms were closing, the production was slowing as few people could afford buying a four-wheeler. And it by 2012 when the economy started to repair and businesses grew again. With that the automotive industry brought up new methods for the people to get a vehicle, which is more flexible and affordable option. One such arrangement is van leasing.

Lower monthly payment is one of the most recognized benefits of leasing a van, allowing people to get a vehicle of higher specification. Another noteworthy thing about leasing a van is that it gives businesses the opportunity to get a huge fleet of vans easily for much less money. Most businesses especially SMEs find this option financially benefiting. Besides, they need not to carry out their business with the same kind of vehicle. In the end of the contract the lessee has all the right to renew and choose another van.

The lessee has the privilege to choose the type of vehicle that will suit his business. Even better, one can lease more than one vehicle at a time. However, van leasing has proved to be quite popular soon after the recession. What also entices most people is that road tax and maintenance charges are included in the agreement, whereby making the procedure stress-free and quite convenient for the lessee. When considering the maintenance charges things like breakdown assistance, tyre replacements and annual servicing are prominent in the package.

There are some leasing companies that offer brand new vehicles like Vauxhall Vivaro and VW Transporter Kombi Highline on lease. The unique thing about leasing one of these top-notch vehicles is that the decision makers have the right to modify their selected vans in order to cater to their business needs. You can add refrigeration units for foodstuffs or ladder racks for better cargo management solutions.

Of course, there might be some loopholes in this type van owning schemes. There are some agencies who do not give the leverage to buy the van at the end of lease. Above all, van leasing might not be a suitable arrangement for a few businesses. So, before you take a plunge make sure that you are in real need of leasing. Also, understand the nature of the scheme to know if it suits your business or not. Nevertheless, you cannot ignore that fact that it is the same arrangement that can save you a lot of your stress, money and time while allowing you to have control over how much you pay and most importantly for how long.