How Digital Technology is Helping the Fight Against Covid-19

Digital Technology is Helping the Fight Against Covid

We all know how much devastation the pandemic has cause throughout the world and the healthcare sector has been stretched to the limits, with millions of people infected with Coronavirus. Technology has played a major role in helping to prevent the transmission of Covid-19 and in this article, we take a look at how digital solutions are helping to beat the Covid-19 virus.

Delivering Medical Services

A lot of medical services can be delivered via video calls; many doctors are now offering virtual consultations and, in many cases, the medical professional can normally gain enough information to accurately diagnose and prescribe the right medication. This eliminates human contact, which is safer for both doctor and patient, and for the majority of patients, a virtual consultation is more convenient.

Mental Health Counselling

The high-pressure society we currently live in can cause a lot of stress and anxiety and with so many people out of work, there are qualified mental health counsellors who will listen to a person’s problems and offer support. Sometimes it really helps to talk to a person about issues you might have and with a Google search, you can find an organisation where you can receive online counselling.

Installation & Maintenance of Medical Equipment

Scanners and X-Ray machines require installation, servicing, and maintenance and with Rhenus High Tech medical logistics, essential medical equipment is always ready to be used. There are many challenges when handling large and complex equipment and securing it at its final resting place, which is often several floors up. The white glove logistics firm plays a vital role in the transportation, installation & calibration of high-grade medical equipment, which must be handled by certified personnel.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is already playing an important role in the fight against the pandemic, as there are AI systems that can accurately diagnose X-Ray images that are scanned and fed into the system. Machine learning assists the medical sector in many ways; special brain surgery is carried out with special robotic machines that can work to very precise dimensions. Even with AI, we still have to be very careful with cyber-security, which is provided by industry experts.

Digital Tracking

This is another way that technology is helping the fight against Covid-19, as people can download mobile apps that track those who may be infected. Many governments around the world operate track and trace systems, which enables them to pinpoint the location of a person who has been in contact with an infected person. There is talk of introducing digital Covid passports, to ensure that only vaccinated people travel, which does seem a bit extreme, yet there are many ways that technology can help in the fight against any transmissible disease.

Social Media

Social media platforms allow us to maintain a social connection with family and friends, which is especially important during lockdowns. Giant corporations like Google and Facebook help to connect people from all parts of the world, as well as spreading useful content on how to combat the Coronavirus.

Digital technology is the cutting edge for all global efforts to beat Covid-19 and hopefully, we can all return to some kind of normality.