How can you choose the right credit card for your requirements?


In the event that you have decided to apply for a new credit card then you must be aware of the several small technicalities associated with it. These credit cards are quite convenient for your daily use and help you gain financial flexibility when you use them properly. You can use them for your daily shopping and business purposes. In this article, you will learn about some important tips to help you choose the right credit card for yourself.

But prior to applying for the credit card, it is important that you should consider a number of important factors. Credit cards have a highly competitive market these days and hence when you want to get the right credit card, then it will need to some effort for you to go through the different factors which can satisfy your specific needs. Thus you will have to keep in your mind some of the most special tips when you are choosing the right credit card for yourself.

What is the status of the individual?

When you want to choose a new credit card, then a lot of it will be dependent on your own individual status. It will mean whether you are a student, a businessman, a person belonging to the middle class, retired personnel, or a widow. The standard credit cards are available for all citizens who are over the age of eighteen, and the premium credit cards are given to people who fit the strict eligibility criteria. These premium credit cards have lower rates of interests and some additional benefits. Thus you will need to choose credit cards based specifically on your priorities.

Why should you apply for a credit card?

Why should one apply for a new credit card is an extremely important question? Do you want to get a credit card to manage your financial pressures and business dealings; will you like to have it for the special offers and incentives? Will you like to get reduced interest payments and other such things? These questions are important, and you need to ask them to yourself prior to applying for your card. 

What would your interest rates and your interest-free time period be?

You will have to have complete detailed information about the interest rates and the time period of the free interest limit, the methods of calculating the interests, the low rates during the introductory period and your annual percentage period also. The annual percentage rate will show you the total cost that you will incur when you use the card over a year. The interest rate may also get increased and decreased with time. Your monthly statements will reveal the present rate of interest on your card. When you see an increase in your interest rates, then you can get advance warnings also.

Getting extra rewards and incentives

The rewards or incentives would be a good reason for applying for credit cards. You will get cash backs, schemes, special price, vouchers, travel insurances, and so on. These schemes will help you save money on a variety of goods and services when you avail them. You can also get access to premium lounge facilities at airports.

What are the payment structures and repayment policies?

The payment structures will matter a lot if you want to make any final decision on this. You will need to be aware of the different ways by which you can pay your extra balance from your credit card accounts. The ways of paying will include cash, cheques, debit cards, internet banking, and so on. A lot of companies will offer a repayment percentage over the total balance that you need to pay. This will be fixed as a percentage of 2 to 4 percent of the total balance. It will be quite important to be aware of the exact structure of payment because it will not be free money which you are repaying through your specified procedures.

What are the annual fees?

You will also have to consider the annual fees because a lot of companies will charge you extra fees when you are holding their cards. This fee can be paid in monthly installments over a twelve month period.

What are your facilities for online transactions?

The network of the credit card is something important that also needs to be pondered over. The credit companies need to offer you with twenty-four-hour continuous online transaction facility, and they need to have a strong network for dealing with these issues not only in your country but overseas also. This will ensure that you do not have any problem in being able to use your credit cards wherever and whenever you require it.

What are the default charges?

The default charges would be some extra amounts which you will have to pay if you violate any of the mandatory terms and conditions. If you violate terms like late payments and going beyond your credit limit, then it can result in the imposition of extra default charges.

What are the requisites to qualify for a credit card?

In order to qualify for a credit card, a number of factors are taken into consideration like the verification of all your personal information which you provided. In your application form all your earlier credit history and credit ratings, your ability to repay your balances and your upper credit limits will be mentioned. When you are qualified, then some credit companies can also try to find some grounds for disqualification if they are still unsure about you. If you are disqualified, then you can also find special provisions for appealing that decision. If you are wondering is the Firestone credit card easy to get, then you need to visit their official website and check all the details and see if you are eligible for their credit card services.


Choosing the right card can be, but with the tips mentioned here, it can be made simpler. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.