Here Is How To Apply In Top Colleges Of The World In 2019?

top colleges in the world

More than 7.5 lakh Indian students are currently studying abroad according to the Ministry of External Affairs. The US continues to be the top destination with 2.1 Lakh students as of 2018.

The amount of investment in tuition and hostel expenses for Indian students studying abroad went up to $2.8 billion in 2017-18 from $1.9 billion in 2013-14 according to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

More and more Indians are opting for the top colleges in the world, one of the reasons for which is the easy availability of financing. NBFCs have been instrumental in sanctioning high-value loans with favourable terms.

However, it is critical to apply to the right college to ensure that your loan is worthwhile.

Here are some of the ways to do it:

  1. Go through a Website Thoroughly: Taking a deep look through a college website is a start to choosing the right one. The first thing you want to explore is its faculty and support staff. Check their accreditations and experience. You don’t want to be studying under novice lecturers.
    Another factor that you want to consider is student life. Also, taking a look at the various events that the top colleges in the world host will be a plus.
  2. Check a College’s Rank: The colleges that you are going through must have some form of rank. Various websites also rank colleges based on their features and USPs.
    Also, you might want to create your own list by ranking the colleges you would most prefer. This list can help you zero in on one institute from among the best universities in USA or elsewhere.
  3. Availability of Courses: The college you choose will surely provide the course you are opting for. However, checking other courses on offer is also necessary. A higher number of programs offered means a college has more goodwill.
    Also, consider the timing and availability of its courses. For example, you may opt for online or night classes in some cases.
  4. Student to Faculty Ratio: A high student to faculty ratio means that the classes will be cramped up. Hence, you might not get the chance to interact with a professor one on one and clarify your doubts.
  5. Opportunities after Graduating:You must also check the opportunities that you get after graduating. Check the job placement programs of a college. Top institutions help students to get accustomed to the corporate life throughout their courses of study as well.
  6. Admission and Graduation Rate: Admission and graduation rate is one of the factors to consider when choosing the top universities in the USA to pursue an undergraduate degree. A higher admission rate means you need to have a high score to get in. Contrarily, a high graduation rate means more students complete a course entirely.
  7. Campus and College Size: This factor may play a crucial role, although it might not be of significance. You may want to check the campus size depending on how much of a social life you are seeking.
  8. Tuition Fees and other Expenses: The last and one of the most significant factors to consider is tuition, hostel, fooding, and other costs. You have to take these into account to choose the loan amount you are going to opt for.

Consider all of these factors to select the best biomedical science colleges , best medical colleges, top engineering colleges, best life science colleges in the world for higher education like M.Sc., Phd.etc. Also, make sure to compare all the features before opting for loans.