Harness the Full Power of Your Website by Increasing Site Accessibility

Harness the Full Power
Harness the Full Power

The user experience of a site is deeply associated with website accessibility. A number of factors affect site access. And users are not all the same. Many users have some limitations. This may be physical or cognitive incapability or weakness. Due to such incapability or weakness users may not have a smooth experience with the site. But if you want people with even some incapability and weakness to access the site and enjoy its functions well, then you must engineer the site that way. The site must go through various levels of planning and checks, again and again, to prove that it can be accessed in some way by anyone even with some challenge or weakness.

Many users face disabilities and challenges

Global statistics say that 15% of internet users have some kind of challenge in mind or body that restricts fluent way of accessing a site. If these users cannot access the site unrestricted and access the content, then they would turn off. And turning down such traffic may result in a huge loss of a great percentage of traffic. This can be a big turn down for the marketing efforts and SEO initiatives and actions too.

The physical or mental challenge of users should still not come into their way of user experience with the site, and that should be the motto behind designing the site from the designer’s context. If the web designer and developer understands that beyond SEO, beyond content, beyond marketing, one major feature is much important and that is access to the site and its contents freely, then they would realize the importance of designing the site that way.

How simple can things enhance site accessibility?

A user with weak eyesight must still be able to access the site content by hearing it. Enough media and use of video and pictures help a person with cognitive weakness, to still perceive what the site is about, what the product is, and such things. That is what is required, and many more such steps taken carefully while making the site, make the site fully accessible.

All promotional attempts can get nullified with lack of smooth accessibility

Branding, SEO, marketing, all would go hand in hand, and all are connected to each other in one way or the other. But they would all get nullified, and every attempt on bringing good quality organic traffic to the site would go void if the site is not well accessible to all types of users from all parts of the world, or even the locally targeted users. Hence, you must check this parameter after the site launch. There are tools available to check website accessibility. You can make use of them and check how good the site is built to meet up to the expectations of various kinds of users.


When none of your traffic is turned down due to bad accessibility hurdles, you can then see a gradual increment in conversion rates too and see the growth of your site online.