Genuine Pearls – Learn How to Distinguish Them from Fake Ones


With numerous pearls available in the market, it is difficult to distinguish the real pearls from the fake ones. Do you want to know how to find out if the pearls are genuine or fake? Here are some useful tips.

Things to look for in a genuine pearl

  1. Weight – Real Akoya pearls are heavier than the duplicates. The nacre of real pearls is thick. That is the reason why the genuine pearls are heavier. When you list a strand of pearls it should weigh the same as a string of pebbles. If not, you are holding a string of fake pearls and not original.
  1. Coolness – Real pearls are cool to touch even in hot climatic conditions. If you touch imitation pearls you will feel that they are hot. If you roll two fake pearls together your fingers will feel sticky.
  1. Sound – Shake the entire string of pearls. What type of sound do you hear? If it is a tinny sound it shows that the pearls are not real. If you hear a soft sound then they are real pearls.2
  1. Perfection in size and colour – Are the pearls very perfect in size? Are they all perfectly round and large? If so, the chances that they are imitation are high. Natural pearls are not uniform in size. It is very difficult to find pearls that match perfectly. If the pearls in the strand are of the same colour, then they may not be genuine.
  1. Knots – Real pearls are knotted individually to prevent pearls from falling and rubbing against each other. Today, the manufacturers of fake pearls also knot them individually but you will be able to detect that they are not real ones if you look for the other features.

Pearls are excellent and profitable. In any case, since the revelation of these uncommon diamonds in old times, individuals have been utilizing machines to create fake ones. So in what capacity would you be able to tell if a pearl is genuine? Here are a couple tips that can help you distinguish genuine pearls from the fake ones.

The initial step you can take is to touch them and feel the temperature. Genuine pearls are chilly to touch for the primary couple of seconds before warming up against your skin. Fake plastic pearls have an indistinguishable temperature from the room temperature and you don’t feel the coolness when you touch them. In any case, fake ones that are made of glass dabs can be cool to touch to begin with. In any case, it tends to take them longer to warm up against your skin than genuine pearls.

Genuine pearls glow, but do not shine. If you are still doubtful if the pearls are genuine or not you can get the advice of experts.