Fun Filled Things to Do in and around Jim Corbett


Jim Corbett National Park offers limitless adventure trail for tourists and wildlife enthusiasts. It’s a school in itself where you can learn some of the best lessons with nature. Jim Corbett is open for all and if you have a good guide with you, the learning becomes easy and fun. That’s why picking best resorts in Jim Corbett should be top of your mind when you plan a holiday in the bustling wildlife destination popular with photographers, river rafters, bird watchers and simpleton tourists who just want to escape the city dwellings into trees and hills.

Here are six unmistakably fun-filled activities you can do in and around Jim Corbett with best resorts in the vicinity.

#6. Trekking Along Ramganga into Dhikala

It wouldn’t take you nerves of steel and willpower of iron to enjoy this activity. The trekking through nature is a great way to spend the time with nature, coursing along Ramganga river that flows through the forest cutting it into many pie-shaped sectors.

In Dhikala, you can rest for the night and start your trekking back to the booked best resorts in Jim Corbett.


#5. Temple Run

If you have played the mobile app game on your smartphone, you would know what we mean here. In Jim Corbett, there are 50 or more temples, secluded since centuries with no humans in the proximity. The ‘temple run’ trails are all located in Ranikhet area and Patil Dun Valley. Girija Devi temple, which is 14 kilometers from Ramganga, is a very popular destination among newly-weds who come to best resorts in Jim Corbett for their honeymoon.

#4. Elephant Ride

Back of an elephant feels like a mountain. The feeling is immensely royal and heady for those who have never seen a forest. The tree-height seating makes the journey even more enjoyable. You get a panoramic view of the jungle, witnessing grazing deer and buffaloes, snakes and even an occasional tiger resting in the shade.

#3. Night Photography

Let’s say you are not scared of the dark and you like wildlife. At night, the Jim Corbett comes alive. Best resorts in Jim Corbett also offer great jungle safari deals and tree house camping locales for safe wildlife photography at night, approved by forest rangers in advance.

#2. Waterfall Breakfast

Have you ever tried having a breakfast near a waterfall? Best resorts in Jim Corbett are located close to the Corbett Waterfall which is not the most populated part of the tourism circuit. You can enjoy a cool bath and sparkling water-side seating for hours snuggled into lagoon formed by the waterfall and rocks and dense foliage.

#1.  The Lake of Sattal

The most beautiful part of Jim Corbett is actually 100-odd kilometers from the jungle. It’s Sattal, the confluence of seven water bodies forming a massive lake. This is a destination for migratory birds and a popular kayaking and boating site. Best Jim Corbett resorts could organize a road trip to Sattal, nature’s potpourri!