Free From Allergies: Thanks Cetirizine!


For food lovers out there, doesn’t it bother you that the range of food you get to eat narrows down because of some allergies? Yes, allergies should be taken seriously because it might lead you to death, but isn’t it unfair that you fear eating something before even trying it and what if that food turned out to be your soulmate?

Way back, before the invention of antihistamines or drugs that treats allergies, skin tests or blood tests to know whether you are allergic to such food, the only way in finding out about your allergies is until consumption of the said food and the presence of allergy symptoms like sneezing, itching, watery eyes, and runny nose.

But in some cases like swelling that narrows the air passageway in the body, it could be fatal if no home remedy is applied. Lucky for our generation all sorts of antihistamine has been produced for the consumption of those who are in need. The top leading choice in battling allergies is Cetirizine, so for those who are still in doubt, let’s find out more about this drug.

What is Cetirizine and How Does It Help Me?

It is a generic name for an antihistamine, that aims to treat allergy symptoms. It seeks to lessen the amount of natural compound from our body that responses to injury, allergic and inflammatory actions of histamine, thus the word anti and histamine. It soothes down the contraction of smooth muscles and prevents the enlargement of capillaries in our body.

Taking Cetirizine

Before anything else, ask your doctor for any advice regarding your medical condition especially, your allergic reaction. They should know better about your case and what’s the best solution about the problem.

Follow the instructions as directed in the label or as recommended by the doctor. This antihistamine can be taken with or without a meal before consumption. Do not take in larger amounts as it can lead to an overdose that may cause anxiety, restlessness, and drowsiness. Strictly follow the doctor’s prescription. If your symptoms didn’t get any better and worsens, stop using it and immediately consult your doctor.

Missed doses are not that alarming, but it is best to keep track when is the next intake. If so, take the missed dose the moment you remembered about it and if it’s almost time for the next one, do not take extra medicine to compromise for the missed dose.

What are the advantages of using Cetirizine?

Cetirizine is very accessible in any drug stores and available over the counter. This drug can come in handy during seasonal allergies as it offers immediate relief for symptoms like sneezing, runny nose, itching, watery eyes. It can also be a cure for insect bites and other skin disorders. This drug has the least effect of sedation compared to other antihistamines. Cetirizine does not interact with other medications and is safe for infants older than six months.

This drug usually takes effect twenty minutes to one hour after intake and can last at least a day. After discontinuing consumption, the body starts to follow its normal reactivity to histamine within three days. A ten-milligram dosage is more effective compared to a lesser dosage.

What are its’ side effects?

Cetirizine can cause a slight impairment in thinking and reactions. Some drugs can add to the sleepiness caused by the Cetirizine and alcohol can also increase some of the side effects of the said drug. Common side effects are as follows:

Drowsiness                                     Constipation

Dry Mouth                                      Diarrhea

Dryness of the Nose                        Painful Urination

Throat Dryness                               Dizziness


Do not be alarmed too much if this drug has a side effect as most of it is only experienced by 10% of the total users. These side effects are only natural because of the body’s reaction to the foreign substance being taken.

Cetirizine has made the lives of allergic individuals better and safer. Now, they get to enjoy life without being prudent. Some drug stores offer Cetirizine HCL coupon to enjoy the benefits of this drug that might be helpful for consumers.

Keep in mind that these drugs must be used for the sole purpose of helping the body regenerate. These drugs should not be handled irresponsibly as it may lead to drug dependence and addiction. Always remember to follow the prescription of doctors. These types of drugs are manufactured to help alleviate pain and discomfort for individuals who are in need.