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Foodie Alert: Trailing the Best Food Cities of India


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We travel for various purposes, but under the umpteen layers of reasons, is the sole urge and excitement we humans have for food which surpasses almost everything else, particularly on an outing in India. A country with 29 states, multitudinous religions and tongues, and being a melting pot of plethora of cooking styles, India is a paradise for the epicureans. So if you’re visiting India with the soul of a foodie, then you should visit the food cities of the country, that will surely rule your heart and soul, and make you feel like settling in this country itself.


Follow the rundown, and choose for yourself where you want to begin with. North, South, East or West. Whatever option you choose, three things are guaranteed- sustenance, loads of food, and yummy food!




Chicken 65 is to India’s food scene what Buffallo Wings are in the United States. It is by and large trusted that this searing, cooked chicken starter of India was a thought impregnated at Chennai’s Buhari Hotel by the lodging’s proprietor, and was possibly named after the amount of chilies in the main recipe. All things considered, attempt at your own risk. We Indians can’t get enough of it. So start looking for the immediate flights from Ahmedabad to Chennai, and hop in to delve into this Tamil version of chicken in India.




The capital of India is tremendously standard for the North Indian food that it offers. Delhi doles out some bewildering street food treats, has radiant dhabas, diners and some top notch eateries serving an assortment of heavenly culinary treats. If you happen to be in the city, then do try the chhola bhatura, parathas, tandoori chicken, and obviously, the extremely well known invention of the city- Butter Chicken!





Mumbai controls the spirit of India and houses some mind boggling diners serving every kind of food that you could ask for. In addition, Mumbai has the best street foods, including the pav bhaji, bhel puri, sev puri, dahi puri, vada pav, sandwiches etc. Go out for a stroll around the Juhu Beach for there a lot of food stalls waiting for foodies like you, or eat at the city’s favourite and upscale Japanese restaurant, Wasabi, and you will know what we are talking about here.





This celebrated North Indian city was once administered by the Nawabs for over a century. Today, the city owes its Awadhi style of cooking to their rich traditions that are left behind. Some crazy fans of Lucknawi food especially fly down to the city to gorge on those glorious Galouti kebabs, along with the kormas, parathas and the sheermals. Lucknow offers some extraordinary food options, for both vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians.





Biryani and Hyderabad, does this pairing ring a bell? Married since centuries, today, Biryani in India is synonymous with Hyderabad. Distinctive rarities consolidate the flavorful haleem, particularly amid Ramadan, seekh kebabs and chaakna, a zesty stew. The paani puri in the Nizam city is exceptionally delicious. You thought Hyderabad was just about the Charminar, and the Pearls? Now you know the truth!


Hold that dropped jaw, and set out on a culinary tour around India’s best food cities. The more you eat, the more you…well, forget it. The feeling and experience can’t be put down in words. Concentrate on the food, buddy!


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