Five highest paying jobs in Saudi Arabia


It can be a dream of every skilled, qualified and professional person to have a job in Saudi Arabia because its economic position is getting better and better with passage of time. Economy of Saudi Arabia depends on oil and gas and is largest exporter of it. It is the country that has the largest number of foreigners working in companies, workshops, medical, multinational destinations and even in Govt. sectors. Attractive salaries and benefits are offered to skilled, competent and people with technical education. That’s why it is the desired destination for workers. Though rules are very strict in Saudi Arabia but high wages and benefits attract people in Saudi Arabia. Upon all benefits it is tax-free zone so expats cannot only earn more money but can also spend all of it without giving a penny to Govt.

Population of Saudi Arabia is 28.8 million where almost 9 million are foreigners. Two sacred places of Muslims are in Saudi Arabia Masjid e Nabwi in Medina and Masjid e AL haram in Makah where millions of people perform hajj every year. Job seekers who have degree in Construction, Marketing, Engineering, Medical or Information Technology are warmly welcomed here. Well qualified people can earn their place anywhere but Saudi Arab is country where skilled, technical and non-skilled labor is also in high demand. Saudi people are very generous and kind with foreigners. Here we will discuss the details of five highest paying jobs in Saudi Arabia.

Petroleum Engineers

Petroleum engineering is referred as the industry of exploration and production of hydrocarbon products like natural gas, crude oil and other petroleum sources. Petroleum engineers are very warmly welcomed in Saudi Arabia as country totally depends on petroleum. They are very highly paid including plenty of benefits like free medical to him and his family, luxury accommodation, free transport, yearly bonuses and return ticket to native country every year. Govt. Multinational and local companies pay these engineers more than 80,000$ every month.

Medical Profession

Medical is another respected and money making field in Saudi Arab. Every year thousands of medical professional are hired for hospitals and clinics. They are given nice accommodations, transport, allowances and bonuses and to foreigners two month leave. Average salary is 34,000$ per month. Due to these luxury facilities number of medical professional come to Saudi Arab every year.

Banking and finance industry

Banking is another high profile job in Saudi Arabia. There are plenty of banks in here so number of jobs are produced every year. Professional with accounting, banking and finance degree are appointed here every year on high salaries. They are paid 16,000$ per month including some benefits like house rents, transport, travelling and bonuses. There work is to analyze accounting records and statements. They are provided with very excellent working environment.

Construction and project administration

Economy of Saudi Arab is rising due to revenue generated by oil industry. This is leading the country to better infrastructure and that’s why construction projects are always underway. Therefore construction companies are always in search for qualified people relating to construction field like civil engineers, site supervisors, and consultants. They require qualified people to work for them and in return they offer them handsome salaries with other benefits like bonuses, transport, accommodations and return air tickets. The average salary of a person related to this field is 13,000$.

Information technology industry

Information technology change our life economically and socially across the world. No one can deny the importance of this field. Saudi Govt. also realizes the importance of this industry and took steps for the progress of I.T. due to establishment of companies the demand of I.T individuals is increased in past few years. The average salary paid to these I.T professional is 12,000 $ per month and benefits as per rule of Saudi Govt.

These are some of the highest paying jobs in Saudi Arabia but many other jobs are also very highly paid. Millions of recruitments in Saudi Arabia are recorded every month. Salaries and wages are high not only for qualified person but also labor can earn good money. As most natives are not well qualified that’s why expats are paid with good money to attract whether they are professional degree holders or general labor.