What a fetal gene therapy points to in the first place?

What a fetal gene therapy points to in the first place?

All of us would have heard of fetal gene therapy? It would mean that a surgery is being undertaken on the little one so that the conditions improve the long term outcomes of your baby. If you find that the fetus is being diagnosed with spina bifida then the surgeon is of the opinion that fetal open surgery needs to be undertaken. The results from this surgery are a lot better. To sum it up it would be the surgery which is undertaken on the baby before they are born. In a way this surgery does go on to become necessary when the baby is not expected to live for a long time.

You can perform the surgery on the foetus and this is after a C section delivery. Before the cord is cut you would need to do it. The placenta of the mother is able to sustain it and there is no need to breathe on their own. This procedure goes by the name of EXIT. You can perform this procedure when the congenital defect goes on to block the airway. When the cord is about to be cut, the baby needs to breathe properly and for this a clear airway is needed.

If the tumour is of serious nature you can go on to treat it well before birth. There are certain types of tumours that are of serious nature and it does happen to pose a threat to your life. You can remove this tumour even after the birth of your baby. In order to provide the fetus directly to the womb of a mother is something which scientists dreamt of at a certain point of time.

You would need to clearly understand the impact of fetal gene therapy and its implications. You can say that it is a form of gene therapy that is given to the treatment in adults or kids. In due course of time it is going to include treatments that is going to delete particular cells from the human body. When the term body cells come to the mind it does mean various cells of the body but it is not going to include reproductive tissues. The sperm in men whereas egg in case of women. As this form of therapy goes on to avoid the gametes of a patient, one thing is for sure it does pose any form of danger to the future generations as far as kids are concerned. You can expect it to change the life of a patient in a big way. Gene therapy goes on to combat a host of diseases.

If you need to deliver a gene to a fetus there does arise the need for a carrier. One of the virus that does deserve a special mention is AAA but here the carrying capacity of it does appear to be a bit limited in stature. The small genes can only be delivered through the medium.