Feel The Wonders Of Xiaomi- The Affordable And Best As Per The Market Scenario


When the matter is all about television, there is always a plethora of options available from different brands like Samsung, Sony, Vu, LG, any many more. With the increase in online streaming, various services from Amazon prime to Netflix; smart televisions are the most demanded in the market. Screen sizes may vary from 21 inches to 32 inches which is the most lucrative size. Well-liked resolutions of screen vary within HD ready, HD, 4k ultra and Full HD. Before getting a television, you should make sure to be concerned about the interspace of your watching place from your television unit. Once you get decided about the size of the screen, then comes the time to study the varied features that you want to be in it like Bluetooth, WiFi connectivity, 3D display. 

 Compare and buy

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Xiaomi and its ranges

Xiaomi appears to be the market leader in smart televisions, as updated recently. Xiaomi’s Mi televisions, which launched in the market of smart TV in February 2018, had to triple its cargoes during the 2nd quarter of the year, by making it the topmost latest brand in producing smart TVs, as per the reports of International Data Corporation or IDC, India.

“Before the Xiaomi TV launched, the key brands were LG, Sony, Panasonic, and Samsung in the category of smart TV, also Xiaomi has eventually exceeded all of them,” said by the associate research manager of IDC, MR.JAIPAL SINGH.

Xiaomi, the total game-changer

Xiaomi has charged more than a million LED televisions during the 1st 9 months of coming into the market wisdom February 2018 and October 2018, as per Mr. Raghu Reddy, who is the head of the categories and the online sales of Xiaomi in India.

Mr. Jaipal Singh felt, that the only thing that really worked for Xiaomi was their reasonable pricing because they provided their 32 inches smart TV at minimum Rs 10000-Rs 12000 cheaper compared to the other brands who were offering behind then, calling this to be the absolute “game-changer”.At that time where other brands like Samsung or Panasonic were selling their 32inches LED Television at a minimum price of Rs.23,999, Xiaomi television price in India for the same screen size and features were only Rs.13999 online

The concept of smart television which was initiated by Samsung, Pensacola, and Sony is hardly four to five years back, soon Xiaomi has exceeded all such brands and is successfully leading the market. During the first two years, the broadband stabbing was really less and the nuclear connectivity was also not up to the mark.

In India, Xiaomi currently assembles Mi televisions locally in Tirupati, by being in partnership with the Dixon Technologies. The Xiaomi factory has resulted in assembling capacity of 1 lakh Mi LED televisions per month since the first quarter of 2019.