Famous Romantic Comedies On VIU Bringing Different Flavors


Angry, sad, or loved, whatever the mood you might be in romantic comedies never fail to tickle you and make you forget all the worries, quarrels, and differences behind.

As the millennia are craving more original and diverse content many on-demand-streaming platforms are introducing original digital content in India. VIU especially has broadened their reach with their regional language shows and Hindi and Telugu romantic web series.

Now you have more flavors in series and multi-layer romance and drama to enjoy with VIU Original romantic comedy web series.

  1. love lust & confusion

A light-hearted, realistic dramedy is all set to take you on a whirlwind of a journey and the destination is confused and open-minded millennia.

Directed by Victor Mukherjee this series entertains and educates you through the 13 episodes.

The story starts with Poroma Sarkar, a young journalist moving from Kolkata to Mumbai. Just as the youth today, Poroma is confused about choosing between right and wrong for her.

In the excitement of trying and tasting new city life, Poroma hides her true relationship status from everyone in Mumbai. Poroma, in trying to follow her roommate’s advice, and boosting her own feeling drags people around her on a roller-coaster of misadventures.

With multi-shade characters, almost realistic situations and youth’s approach today to solve the issues at hand Hindi rom com web series Love Lust and Confusion creates a real connection with the audience. Moreover, the story doesn’t shy away to testify the concept of polyamory and how today’s youth reacts to it.

The cast of Love Lust and Confusion did a tremendous job portraying their on-screen role. Tara Alisha Berry as Poroma takes the whole control of the screen every time and the other members Shiv Pandit and Gaurav Chopra have done a great job supporting our female lead in the story.

While the fresh faces bring energy to the show, you’ll be cheering up when you see the old gang Meiyang Chang, Rajat Barmecha, Swati Vatssa, and Diksha Juneja back in their charms.

With its compelling story and quirky drama, you won’t be able to stop from wanting more of this romantic comedy.

Already done with the season 1? Well, you can continue watching Poroma and her gang in season 2!

VIU recently launched Love, Lust & Confusion season 2. In season 2 of rom com shows on VIU you’ll see Poroma deal with her ‘not-to-do list’. With Paroma’s new interest in working on a novel based on her relationship adventures both the people around Poroma and audience are in for a whirlwind of drama, confusion, and entertainment.

  1. Pelli Gola

VIU has launched a platter full of regional content each flaunting its own unique flavor and style.

While we’re talking about the rom-com here, we picked the best one of Telugu romantic web series for you.

While millennia is all about ‘if you like someone, go for it’ approach, the situation dramatically boomerangs when it comes to an arranged marriage. Some go by their parents’ choices while some go against in the most dramatic way.

Pelli Gola is a quirky story of one such couple who doesn’t want to get married to their parents’ choice and would do anything to break their own wedding.

 This Telugu romantic web series captures the journey of ambitious Varun and hot-headed Jaggu as they run away from their own wedding and create a whirlwind of drama and confusion. However, we see romance starting to brew in between the two as their hateful relationship turns into a loving bond despite the circumstances.

Abijeet Duddala and Varshini Sounderajan portray on-screen anti-couple Varun and Jaggu really well. Their love-hate relationship grabs a hold of our heart and entertains us throughout the season.

The story doesn’t end at happily-ever-after though. There’s more as VIU has season 2 and season 3 launched as well.

Married by Season 1 and on the verge of being separated by Season 2, Varun and Jaggu will see in season 3 desperately finding that balance between their professional and personal lives.

These stories kind of got you addicted to romantic comedies? Well, you can find the best rom com shows on VIU and soothe your thirst and mood.