Explore the Magnificent Beauty of Georgia Beach Resort Located On Its Black Sea Shore


Georgia is counted among the finest destination in the world with the wonders of incredible beaches in its coast, aka the Golden Isles. There’s so much history, happenings, and significant landmarks, while the Georgia resorts near the beaches have their own distinct look and feel, where one can have a wonderful rest. It is often said that Georgia beach resort is a promising relaxing space for both families and solo travelers looking forward to collecting an unforgettable memory of this dazzling country.

We all know that Georgia is a country of mountains in the Caucasus, but the Mother Nature didn’t deprive the seaside of this sunny country. Having beautiful mountains and the Black sea together makes Georgia a unique destination for many globetrotters to make a visit once in a life. Out of all the relaxing places to stay in the country, only a handful of luxury resorts Georgia is the best option to start your journey on a good note.

If you’re getting ready to book a stay along the beach side, then let us present to you three unique resorts of Georgia where you can spend an unforgettable vacation. Keep in mind that each of them offers different environment, conditions and entertainment value, so choose the one that gives you a complete package of your interested realm.

  • Gonio – It is one of the most popular resorts on Georgia’s black sea coast. The settlement is located on the bank of Chorkhi River offering clean water and beautiful beaches. Besides clean waters and beaches, the resort of Gonio is also notable for its ancient Roman fortresses. Also, on the territory of Gonio, tourists often visit the graveyard of St. Mathew- one of the twelve Jesus Christ’s students. With so many beautiful attractions, no wonder why this resort is considered as the best place for rehabilitation.

  • Kvariati- This is another popular and most visited seaside resorts on Georgia’s black sea coast. Kvariati offers a wonderful mix of beautiful mountains and sea to its admirers. While swimming in its crystal clear water, one can fully enjoy an amazing view of Kvariati emerald mountains. Also, the resort offers various, many café houses, restaurants, and bars, allowing visitors to enjoy its energetic nightlife as well along with having a romantic dinner in hotels Georgia to make their stay memorable for lifelong.

  • Kobuleti- 24 km from Batumi, Kobuleti is the second-largest seaside resort. It is located along the Black sea coast on the fine-pebble beach. You can find any kind of amusement in Kobuleti, sunbathe lying on the lounges of beaches, experience various fun activities to entertain yourself and your kids to have a wonderful vacation. The entire waterfront of this resort is occupied with cafes, bars, good restaurants, night clubs, and shops make it a perfect destination to spend your vacation with the family together!

Georgia is a country where the richness is not just in its culture but surrounded in its air, water, and land. Explore as much of Georgia as you can because its attractions, delicious food, and warm hospitality never disappoint you!