Explore the Exotic! Know the Best Travel Blogs to Follow


There is no dearth of travel blogs on the internet. But which one should one follow? There are so many out there; it is tough to decide for oneself. A handful of the travel blogs ooze with adventure, creativity and sheer genius.

Do the new bloggers make a list?


It can be frustrating since Google does not always enlist the newest of the talented bloggers nor does it show them in the search results. So, here is a list of all our favourite travel bloggers. The bloggers who are changing the world scenario

  1. Kiara, the blogger from Gallop Around the Globe, is known for her extensive travel experiences around Peru. As passionate as she is about the country, she has written travelogues on South East Asia and Europe as well. Her work indeed falls under the list of travel blogs to follow.
  2. Sonam Lakhani: If you haven’t seen her website and Instagram page yet you are missing out on something. From the Northern Lights in Iceland and Igloo in Finland to skydiving in New Zealand and swimming with sharks in Maldives, this adventure spirit has done it all!
  3. Craig and Gemma are taking Two Scots Abroad, to a next level by planning a trip to America for one year. In their blog, they vividly describe their future travel plans and those of the past trips to Thailand and Turkey.
  4. Bethany from Progression of Happiness is a travel blogger who is a student as well. If you are looking for travel blogs to follow, then accompany her through her writings to China an Italy. The best part about her is she lives on a student budget and travels with the same.
  5. Catherine’s Go Fever is another blog which no one should miss. She writes on travel experiences in French and English. But she aces at story-telling which makes her a stand out from the crowd. Another unique thing about her blog is that it has a Travel Fails tab which has never been shared by any other blogger before.

Are there good travel bloggers from India?

It is needless to say, India, with its rich cultural heritage, incredible beaches, majestic mountains; mystic forests are attracting numerous travellers from around the world. India has vast number of travel writers who are taking the world by surprise. If you are looking to explore these enthralling places with the Indian bloggers, then there are a handful of travel blogs to follow. Sonam Lakhani from www.myhautelife.com and Bruised Passports are one of our favourites.

  • Shivya Nath and her The Shooting Star are inseparable from any travel thirsty soul. After receiving the best blogger award in 2013, she has travelled much more and alone. She has shared many of her experiences in her blog. Her tips and tricks on how to explore a place like a local inhabitant are incredible. She has explored many off-beat places which makes her blog even more fascinating.
  • Joining the female bloggers club, Anuradha Goyal has spread her contagious love for reading and travelling to many. She has a reviews section (Anureviews) and a blogging section (Inditales). The best feature about her writing is that she is information driven which makes her blogs very much relatable while travelling in India.

Numerous women bloggers are getting out of their comfort zone and challenging the norms of the society through this incredible internet wonder. They are offering readers a delight when they look up for travel blogs to follow!