Essential Items to Pack for a Train Journey

Train Journey

Train journeys are quite normal and popular in our country. Though there are plenty of flights that cut short the travel time, a lot of people prefer to travel through trains to save on their travel expenses. Some also find travelling in trains nostalgic, romantic and more relaxing than any other mode of transport. If you have a long train ride ahead, you may have some time to reflect on yourself and even witness the true beauty of India’s countryside. With the luscious green everywhere outside, a train ride can turn out to be very mesmerizing.

Some trains travelling to far distances can be long and may take more than a day or two. This will require some preparation from your side beforehand. As you are going to be stuck in a moving vehicle, ensure that you keep all your travel requirements handy. This article will guide you through all the items that you may want to bring along in your train journey for a humane ride. Make a note of being ahead of the scheduled train time by being in the train station a few hours before as It might take a while for you to figure out your platform no.

Firstly, distractions are what you need. You will get plenty of time for gazing at the scenery. You will come across some beautiful locations are will keep you engaged for a long time. But, the train ride is going to be way longer than that. Therefore, you will need certain amount of distraction to keep you going. If you are travelling with friends, you can pack a deck of cards or UNO to play some interesting matches. If you are into books, carrying a novel or a comic book will help you kill your time. Carry your laptop or MP3 player to watch some movies or play your favourite tunes.

Secondly, food will be a major concern. Yes, there will be many people coming on-board to sell items, but you cannot completely trust their hygiene standards. Certain trains also provide catering services which will provide you food time to time. You can choose to carry some of your food that is handy such as a peanut butter sandwich as your midnight snack. Carry few munchies as they will help you with the boredom. Now-a-days, you can order food on train online from your favourite food joints. They not only have the hygiene part covered, they will deliver it to the station you prefer.

Thirdly, you may need your personal care items time to time. As the air conditioner might turn your skin dry, you might need to moisturize it time to time. If you are a woman, you might have to bring your essential sanitary products. Toiletries such as face wash, soap, hand wash may be something you want to keep close. Also, make a note to carry your first-aid kit or necessary medications that you might need while in the journey.

Fourthly, if your train doesn’t provide you with a blanket and a pillow; it is best that you carry your own. The journey can be long and boring. A good nap time will be your prime requirement. Make sure you have it all. Also carry ear plugs and an eye mask for an uninterrupted sleep.

Lastly, when travelling in a train you might want to keep all your essential documents near you. The train ticket and you ID is very important as the inspector will visit to keep track. Make sure you don’t lose anything. A train ride is a beautiful experience if everything goes as planned. Make the most of it.