Enjoying an Indian Vacation on a Luxury Train


An Indian vacation board a luxury train in the country may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you. This is because luxury trains in India offer you an out-of-the-world experience when it comes to traveling through this country. They are known for offering the highest levels of comfort and luxury to their guests that makes them very popular among both domestic and international travelers. This is why you will find thousands of foreigners traveling on these luxury trains every year to explore different parts of India.

Your Indian vacation is not complete until you have seen the rural countryside, and there is perhaps no better way to discover this other than a trip on board India’s luxury trains like the Maharaja Express. The Maharaja Express and other luxury tour organizers leave no stone unturned to ensure that their guests can get a glimpse of the Indian culture and landscape in the most comfortable way possible. This is why their tours are conducted in a way so as to give guests absolute luxury and royal treatments which is nothing short of what the royals actually experienced in the bygone eras.

To make your Indian vacation an unforgettable one, it makes sense to book yourself a ticket on is luxury train tours. Each of these typically starts and ends at the more popular cities like Delhi and Mumbai which have excellent flight connections. So, you can fly out to your country no matter where you come from without having to make a stop-over anywhere else. There are nearly 5 important tours that are offered by the Maharaja Express and you can choose one depending on your budget, travel itinerary and personal preferences. No matter which tour you book, you will be greeted with royal treatment.

The accommodations in the Indian luxury holidays are like a dream come true. The cabins and saloons are not only spacious; they are equipped with all modern amenities for your comfort. So, you can enjoy the perfect blend of ancient art and décor in these suites along with the modernized gadgets and equipment for travel comfort. Besides accommodations, guests are treated to a fine dining experience both on the train and off it in the royal palaces and forts that they are taken to visit. Al such sightseeing day tours will be completely organized by the tour operators and you can simply sit back and relax. For those that are not keen to go on the day tours, there are plenty of other activities to keep them busy inside the train too.

So, an Indian vacation on these luxury train journeys is the best way to discover India. You will be able to really soak in the beauty of the countryside through these tours. Whether it is the décor and fine living on the luxury train for the period of the tour, or the day tours that take you to forts and markets, reserve forests and temples, you can get an entire mix of rich experiences through a single holiday.