Some Easy Tricks to Improve Customer Experience in an Outsourced Call Centre


Indubitably, call centres are the success pillar of today’s market. Every business has a call centre department to tackle customer problems and provide them with the best solutions. A well-managed and efficient contact centre can help you in a long way, right from outreaching the wide audience to retaining existing customers. With the help of call centre services, you can carve a niche in the evolving marketplace. This is clearly visible to your target audience across the globe and thus helps you in thriving your business at global scale.

Meeting customer demands and satisfying them at the end of the call is not an easy task. As you already aware with the fact that human nature is highly unpredictable and thus, each interaction is unique. The same strategies that worked well for one customer might affect others. While, there are no sure shot strategies or formulas to render best customer experience, there are some ways that helps in improving the customer experience.

In order to make sure that the customer is satisfied at the end of the call, it is essential to work on the easy tricks. Here are some easy tricks for enhancing the customer experience in a call centre:

Minimum call on-hold times: In today’s world, no customer likes to being put on hold during the call with an agent. Customers on the call wouldn’t care if their issues actually require time to be resolved and the agent can’t help instead put them on-hold. Most of the customers think that a call centre should be a one-stop solution to all their queries and complaints. They don’t see the company have different verticals to work in. They consider an organisation as a monolithic entity and thus can’t help but feel angry when an agent puts them on hold. Eliminating the waiting time completely is not possible, but there are some practices that companies can adopt to reduce the hold time. Shorter waiting times keeps your customer happy and satisfied.

Efficient call flow management: Call centre companies receive high volume of customer calls. For this, call centres employ skilled call centre agents that handle inbound & outbound calls. However, if there is no streamlined system of handling calls, everything get messed up. A single hour of overflow calls might impact badly on your business reputation. So, it is necessary to consider some measured that can manage call traffic and redirect the calls to the relevant agents. There should be a proper software in place to ensure correct call routing. This makes positive customer interaction and leverages the customer satisfaction rate.

Professional call centre agents: It is a true that an unhappy call centre agent can directly influence the customer’s view of the company. A frustrated executive might respond to the customer call in a roughly manner that can put a negative impression on your audience. Even if he is doing everything fine as per the customer requirement, a bad attitude may end up making all his efforts go waste. Therefore, companies should ensure that their working staff are satisfied with their jobs. Always remember that a happy agent is a productive agent.

Proper CEM integration: To ensure utmost customer experience, it is important to integrate customer experience management tools (CEM) to monitor and analyse every customer interaction. Most of the outsourced vendors specialised in delivering in excellent call centre outsourcing services, integrate proper CEM tools to determine customer needs, more frequent problems they are facing and the best ways to deal with them. This monitoring and analysis is quite important to provide best-in-class customer services.

Follow these tricks to improve the level of customer satisfaction. Choose call centre outsourcing services to enhance customer experience and achieve desired business objectives.