Diamond Chain Saw For Concrete Cutting

Diamond Chain Saw

To those not aware, diamond chain saw is one of the most extensively used and popular concrete cutting tools. By exploring the many benefits of diamond chain sawing, you can actually choose the right diamond sawing contractor for your next cutting or demolition needs.

Diamond Chain Saws – the Industry Standard

This tool looks much similar to a wood-cutting chain saw incorporating a chain, a power head and guidebar; the chain is rotated through a sprocket by the power head around the guidebar. As it name says, a diamond chain saw has diamond segments welded to the chain in a circular pattern so as to generate a grinding potential that can cut strong materials like concrete, brick and stones.

Diamond chain sawing ensures a completely safe cutting operation unlike the kickback action of wood chain saws. It also offer many advantages over traditional cut off machines. According to a top-notch diamond sawing contractor of London, the diamond chainsaws are designed to first insert nose into the material and flaunts double the cutting strength than a regular 14-inch circular blade.

While browsing the market, you will find hydraulic diamond chainsaws that can be used to cut as deep as up to 25 inch into the material, contrary to the maximum 5 inch deep cutting design of a traditional cut-off machine or saw.

“Diamond chain sawing equipment boasts of a long, flat and narrow guidebar that enable it to make a deeper cut without any overcut; diamond core drilling services in Perth. it allows the saw operator to make square corners, which can’t be done using circular blades”, added the expert.

Not to be outdone, diamond chain saws can also be used to create openings as tiny as 4*4 inches (width*depth). At the same time, these saws with sharp and toughest diamond segments can also be used to make odd-shape of cuts in the material.

Here are different types of diamond sawing tools available out there. The right sawing tool may vary depending on your exact cutting needs and the material that needs to be cut. For example, gas based diamond chainsaws are mainly preferred by contractors and DIY professionals due to amazing mobility and affordability they offer; they can be used with a 12 inch or a 14 inch cutting depth guidebar.

But if you want to cut hard concrete with steel reinforcement, pneumatic and hydraulic diamond chain sawing tools are the right choice. Furthermore, diamond sawing is also ideal for extending or cutting existing floor openings in access restricted areas, cutting doorways and windows in the main building structures, cutting or extending expansion joints, resizing precast manhole rings, and taking off existing overhangs.

Why Hire Diamond Sawing Professionals

Experienced and skilled diamond sawing professionals in London offer comprehensive and quality cutting service for construction projects of all types and sizes. They can undertake any complex cutting job and accomplish it in the most effective manner. And most importantly, the ensure utmost safety on the job site.

Want to learn at  more about diamond chainsaws in its various applications. Find the right diamond sawing contractor in London today!