Designing A Bespoke Bathroom

Bespoke Bathroom

More and more people are opting for bespoke bathrooms. The recent advancements in the field of designing and manufacturing technology has fueled the trend of bespoke bathrooms even further. If you are someone who doesn’t knows what a bespoke bathroom means then don’t worry, it’s not that complicated, it simply means a custom-made bathroom.

If you are still not getting along then consider this- a custom-made bathroom is a bathroom that is designed in accordance to your taste and lifestyle by following the instructions given by you.

A lot of people think that bespoke or custom made bathrooms are highly expensive and hence are unaffordable and unpractical. But this is a wrong conception. Since the very definition of a bespoke bathroom conforms to the instructions given by the home owner, how can such a bathroom be expensive? In fact the truth is that if you use some creativity then you can save a lot of money by getting a bespoke bathroom as opposed to a readymade bathroom design that comes at a fixed premium.

In order to get a bespoke or custom made bathroom, the first thing that you need to do is to ask yourself what kind of bathroom you want? What designs reflects your taste and your lifestyle? Once you have a clear idea regarding what type of design you want, you can go at and start designing it all by yourself.

One important thing to note is that whenever you purchase a bathroom accessory, you must make sure that it blends in with the overall theme of your bathroom’s design. A wrong decision at this stage can lay waste to the entire bathroom design.

Since you will be designing your own bespoke bathroom, you are not limited within any readymade design. Visit at to search various styles and designs and come up with a revolutionary design that compliments your taste and lifestyle.

Floor design:

Many people don’t pay much attention to the floor of their bathrooms and end up buying any tiles that they like in the first instance. This is not the way to proceed in case of a bespoke bathroom. Your bathroom’s floor is the central element of your bathroom layout and perhaps it is one of the most visible elements too. Before making your decision, go out on a window shopping tour and carefully assess as many bathroom floors as you can.

Remember that at this point you are not acting as a shopper, you are just on a window shopping spree. Come back to your home and think about the designs that you saw earlier in the day and only then make a decision.


You will see a lot people who are not that excited about getting a good quality mirror for their bathrooms. Such people give more importance to the mirror in their bedroom. But this article is not about bedroom renovations. A full size good quality mirror is indispensable from a bespoke bathroom’s point of view. The truth is that we all love to look at ourselves, for this reason it is advisable to get a good quality mirror for your bathroom.

If you think that you don’t have enough space to install a full size mirror then simply go ahead and increase the bathroom space. You will find that increasing the space won’t let you down, after all the whole idea of a bespoke bathroom and search at   to get what you want.