Debunking Digital Gold Investment Myths: The Truth About Spare8

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Digital gold investment has become increasingly popular, offering a convenient way to diversify your portfolio. However, myths and misconceptions about digital gold persist, leaving potential investors unsure about its legitimacy and profitability. Let’s read on to find out if ‘is digital gold a good investment and which of these facts is true about digital gold.

Myth 1: “Digital Gold Isn’t the Real Deal”

One commonly held misconception concerning digital gold revolves around its authenticity. Some individuals question whether digital gold is, in fact, genuine gold. However, the reality is that digital gold signifies a share in physical gold securely stored within vaults. Through its collaboration with Augmont, Spare8 guarantees that the gold you invest in holds the same intrinsic value as physical gold and is subject to regular verification by independent third parties. Thus, any doubts about the authenticity of the gold are dispelled, solidifying what makes digital gold a good investment.

Myth 2: “Digital Gold Investment is Inherently Risk”

The biggest myth to dispel when it comes to finding out which of these facts is true about digital gold is that  it is inherently risky to invest in. Digital gold has proven to be a stable and lucrative option. Spare8’s gold leasing model allows potential returns of 11% on average market growth and an additional 5% fixed return from Spare8, totalling a promising 16% potential return on gold leasing.

Myth 3: “Hidden Costs and Expensive Storage Accompany Digital Gold”

Spare8 provides a no-lock-in period, allowing you to invest as much or as little as you want without hidden charges. Physical gold delivery is also an option, ensuring transparency and flexibility in your investment journey.

Myth 4: “Complex Documentation Hinders Digital Gold Purchases”

Some believe that investing in digital gold necessitates complicated documentation. Spare8 simplifies the onboarding process by requiring only basic information, eliminating the need for arduous and time-consuming KYC procedures. The platform’s user-friendly interface ensures that even beginners can effortlessly venture into the realm of digital gold investment.

Myth 5: “Doubts About the Legitimacy of Digital Gold Persist”

Spare8’s partnership with Augmont guarantees the security of your investment. The gold is stored in Augmont vaults and undergoes frequent independent verification. Spare8 employs robust 256-bit encryption for security, ensuring the authenticity and safety of your digital gold investment.

Spare8 – A Game-Changer in Digital Gold Investment

Spare8 makes digital gold investment accessible and appealing to young investors. The “Refer and Earn” scheme allows users to invite friends and win free gold worth up to ₹500. A slot machine gaming feature offers rewards for a minimal ten rupees investment.

Spare8 offers flexibility to investors, with no lock-in period, and simplifies onboarding with minimal documentation. The platform is devoted to transparency and security, making digital gold a good investment.


Now that we know which of these facts is true about digital gold we also know Spare8, with its innovative approach, has made digital gold investment more accessible and appealing to young investors. To learn more about Spare8 and its digital gold investment opportunities, please visit the website.