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Dealing With a Low Volatile Market


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Volatility is an important part of our trading. If we do not have enough volatility, the price of the currency pairs will not move and the traders will not get the chance to make a profit. Most of the traders like high volatility for making money but they want low-volatility when they are trading. They do not know the reason but they think if the price changes slowly they have a good chance of making the profit. It is only your misconception because you do not have the right idea. This article will tell you why you should not look for low-volatility trading. Though they seem safe they are not profitable for making money.

The nature of the Forex market is completely unpredictable. If you do some research, you will come to understand the movement of the currency pairs with an extreme level of accuracy. Even after doing tons of research you will not be able to win all the trades. For this reason, many Aussie traders consider this market as unpredictable in nature. Being a rookie trader, you might think you know all the details and can easily make money. But things become really hard when you start to trade the market with real money. You need years of experience to become a profitable trader to lead your dream life.

Low-volatility means the movement is slow

When there are low-volatilities in the market, it only says one thing that the prices are not moving as high as it was expected. Most of the time, high-volatility trading is good because they can give you more money and you can find a pattern if you analyze the trends. In low-volatility, the prices move slower. The way you get to make your profit is when the prices go up than your buying or selling price. If the price does not move and stay at a flat level, you cannot make money. Your money is safe but you also have to think of the profit. You need to take some risks if you want to make profit and low-volatility is not a good option.

Use of leverage

The professional traders in the CFD trading industry are extremely concerned about quality trade execution with managed risk. You might have a good trade setup but this doesn’t mean you will be risking a huge sum of money in a low volatile market. Focus on the long-term market trend and try to trade with managed risk. Never trade the market by using excessive leverage as it will make things difficult.

If there is no money in the market, low-volatility exists

A good way to know if the market has the money or not is by looking at the volatility. When there is money, the traders and the brokers will try to get the trend in their favor and you will see a volatile movement. The professional traders like volatility because it is when they have more chance of success. As the prices are going up and down, it means the industry has now money. If there is no money, you cannot make a profit even if the trend and your strategy are tight. Low volatility exists when the industry is dry. If you want to make the profit, you need to take some risks.

Volatility is needed for making the profit

Every market has a certain level of volatility. If the volatility is below than the normal, you should think your decision twice. Imagine you have bought a game for $100. You want to sell it at a higher price but if the price does not change, you will have to sell it at the same price or even lower. This price change is the volatility and if it does not change, you do not have the chance to make a profit. It gives you the chance needed to make your dream come true.


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