Cosmetic Dentist Vs General – What is the Difference


When it comes to choosing the right dentist, you probably know that there are many different kinds, but the most popular that people see are general dentists for their family practices and routine appointments. Some dental surgeons do specialize in family dentistry as well, which is a great plus, but there are some that just practice general dentistry. In this guide, we’re going to tell you all about the difference between the two.

Can Both Types of Dentist Do Routine Work?

As mentioned a little bit ago, yes, both a general dentist and a cosmetic dentist can actually perform routine exams as well as the general teeth cleanings. This is because if you do other procedures, you have to have a routine cleaning and your teeth have to be so in order to get certain treatments like whitening. Or, if you have a tooth that needs a cosmetic makeover or an implant, etc., then a dentist will take X-rays just like a regular general dentist would.

Cosmetic dentists have to go through years more of medical school than a general dentist simply because they have to learn more facets and subjects, like biology and even surgical procedures. Knowing that you may want to know that even if your dentist is also a cosmetic dentist, then you hit the jackpot because your dentist can do literally everything. However, if your cosmetic dentist is not a family practitioner (some cosmetic dentists don’t offer these services), then you may deal with the typical general dentist for most of your practices or out of luck and need to go elsewhere for your dental work.

Are Their Prices Different?

This is a tricky one because in general, it doesn’t matter what the dentist is that you choose, each one is going to have a generally different price on certain procedures. Sometimes, location can also affect the price as well, but for the most part, when it’s the same procedure (like filling a cavity), you shouldn’t notice a humongous price difference, especially if you have dental insurance. For example, if both dentists are in your network, then you’re going to see relatively the same price because if you have good insurance, you’re going to be mainly paying a copay anyway.

Can General Dentist Replace Missing Teeth?

This is something that can vary depending on the procedure you’re wanting to obtain. If you’re just wanting a dental bridge, then most dentists including general dentists can do this procedure. However, if you’re wanting something like a periodontal implant or a special procedure to replace the tooth, this is where a general dentist just can’t do the procedure because they don’t have all of the extra training necessary. Therefore, they’ll refer you instead to a cosmetic dentist.


So, there are in fact differences between a general and cosmetic dentist round rock tx, but it’s nothing that’s really been new for decades that isn’t general knowledge. Think of a cosmetic dentist as a specialist, whereas a general dentist generally covers most of the common procedures that may need to be done, like fillings, caps, dental records, etc. Don’t hesitate to look around for a good dentist’s office. What’s important is that you have a decent experience and that your smile is healthy.