Cork Sandals On The Catwalk: The Runway-Worthy Appeal With Traditional Outfits


Festivals are the best time of celebration where everyone meets their family and friends, showcasing their style while embracing the traditional spirit. But that doesn’t mean you focus solely on style while compromising health and comfort. The good news is that cork sandals for men and women are available at renowned fashion brands, such as Neemans, the best examples of sustainable and comfortable fashion.

For all the fashion-forward gentlemen and trendsetting ladies, cork sandals are must-have wardrobe essentials that can elevate their traditional attire without compromising style. If you also want to incorporate comfort and elegance into your wardrobe, buy cork sandals this festive season and seamlessly pair them with your traditional attire.

Check out stylish ways to pair cork sandals for men and women with traditional outfits.

1.    Classic Kurta Pajama Pairing

A traditional outfit is incomplete for men without a classic kurta and pyjama combination. Pairing them with the appropriate footwear can instantly elevate the look. Experiment with different styles of cork sandals for men to add a touch of sophistication to your traditional wear. Try earth-tone sandals in deeper hues, like deep brown and black.

2.    Sovereign Saree Elegance

Good news for all the ladies who love to bring out their regal saree glamour on traditional days: choose dainty yet stylish cork sandals for women and effortlessly enjoy the occasion without worrying about your foot health. Renowned brands offer stylish cord sandals for women with intricate patterns or embellishments. You can choose neutral shades like grey or metallic or match the texture of your saree to add a vibrant touch to your traditional outfit.

3.    Eclectic Lehenga Fusion

The natural allure of cork sandals can easily blend with the vibrant traditional lehngas for women. You can switch from ethnic flip-flops to cork sandals and ensure you do not compromise comfort with style on your special occasion. Choose the colour of your sandals, contrasting the vibrant highlights of your lehenga. Be more playful while opting for your footwear shades. With these comfortable sandals, you can dance, enjoy, and have all the fun on your special occasion.

4.    Stylish Sherwani Elegance

Mostly, with sherwanis, men wear flip-flops or traditional sandals. But many experience shoe bites and discomfort while dancing or celebrating their event. Try cork sandals on these special occasions with your dapper sherwani and steal the show with your charming appearance. Try wearing minimalist-style sandals to give your traditional sherwani a modern twist.  Pairing cork sandals with your sherwani gives you the best combination of the richness of Indian tradition and modern style.

5.    Salwar Suit Fusion

Wearing a floral salwar suit at the traditional event adds a touch of freshness to your attire. To complete the look, pair your salwar suit with cork sandals adorned with floral accents. Choose the ones with subtle colour and mirror work floral pattern sandals to complement your style.


Check out renowned fashion brands like Neemans and combine a sense of modernity with comfort this festive season with cork sandals for men and women.