Conveyor Repair Solutions


In many different types of industry, conveyor belts are used to move products from one place to another. Some of the largest industries such as mining, farming and manufacturing use conveyors from start to finish of ores, produce and made goods.

Conveyors play such an important part of many manufacturing processes that when such a path breaks, production stops. This is why knowing Conveyor Repair Phoenix AZ is an important list if you use any type of conveyor. You never know when you will need to repair or replace your unit.

Types of conveyors

There are two main types of conveyors: gravity and power conveyors. Gravity conveyors are often used in the mining industry. As the name implies, gravity plays a big part in how products move. Buckets attached to the belt or chain are filled with rock. Gravity pulls the full buckets down, pulling the chain up to reveal empty bucket. Once the bucket reaches the end, it is dumped and is carried back to the top by the weight of other filled buckets.

Power conveyors work on a pulley system. A belt is stretched between two pulleys which are powered by motors. As the pulleys turn, the belt moves.

Problem areas

As with many mechanical devices, there are many areas that can cause issues if they become worn because of use. Belts, pulleys, motors and chains are all common areas where damage occurs. These issues must be examined by a Conveyor Repair Phoenix AZ as soon as possible so that work can resume.


Belts suffer a lot of damage daily and over time that can lead to tears, fraying and rips. If the damage is minor, a small repair can extend the life of the belt; however, this is only a temporary fix. Not only do belts wear, they also stretch over time, so adjustments on the pulleys must also happen.


Pulleys convert power from the motor to the belt or chain. Heat and friction can cause the pulley to warp causing uneven pressure on the belt. Bearings in the pulley can also wear out causing the pulley to lock up.


Motors are the third major component of a conveyor system. Motors can fail for a variety of reasons including: electrical issues, overheating, lubrication and more.

Other parts that can fail on a conveyor system include power supply, linkages, track supports, rollers and chains. It is up the the conveyor repair serviceman to diagnose the issue and suggest a repair or replacement solution.

The conveyor belt is an important part of your industry. When it breaks, work stops. That you precious work time and money. Unfortunately nothing lasts forever, even the best conveyor on the market. Having a conveyor repair specialist examine your equipment and make repairs is often the best option. Depending on what industry you are in, replacement can be very expensive but production must go on.