Common Mistakes to Avoid While You’re Still a Beginner in Acting Industry


The UK acting industry is one of the most vibrant in the world, thanks to the acting schools in London. Every year many new talents join the league of old actors to add more flavours to the UK entertainment. However, while some of the new actors would hit the limelight soon after their entry, many quit for lack of headway. Acting, like every business, is filled with common mistakes and unless you learn to avoid them, success in acting for new actor may be far away in such a promising industry.

Here are 3 common mistakes most new actors make and how to avoid them

  1. Thinking acting is more of talent than training

I agree with you if you think talent is necessary, but you need to realise that success in the entertainment world thrives more on who you know; I mean your network! One way to build industry relevant network is by going to acting school. Attending acting school in London will give you the leverage to succeed in the UK acting industry. But when you think solely of your talent, getting the right connection and getting information about casting where your talent may be needed might elude you if you do not belong to the industry. If you attend a London acting school, for instance, you will build relevant contacts among the beast in the industry and you can send them your new headshot, and target for your marketing. Most instructors from the acting course in London have contacts among the casting directors, and you can have the opportunity of knowing some of them only if you attend acting school which may give you vineyard information on an upcoming audition or get someone to recommend you for casting.

  1. Failing to see acting as business

Many newbie actors think acting is about featuring in auditions, casting or taking up roles in a new play that they need to do; they fail to see their acting role as a business. Unless you see your acting job as your only business to nurture and grow, surviving in the entertainment industry might be a fantasy.

When you understand acting as a business, you will consider enrolling for acting course in London as an important part of your business. What do professionals do after their initial certification? They attend more refresher courses to reposition themselves in their industries. As an actor, a professional in the acting field needs refresher acting courses too to stay in tune with new acting technology. Fortunately, there are acting schools in London you can attend to improve your skills in the acting profession and expand your network.

  1. Failing to identify you as a brand

Every business must have a brand to be successful; failure to do this may send the business bankrupt. The same goes for an actor. What character do you represent? When people look at you in the entertainment world, what would they see? When a casting plan is being drawn, what role best suits you that none else will fit? Oh, you don’t think it matters? Branding yourself in acting is possible only if you understand the nitty-gritty of the acting science. The best place to learn branding as an actor, to identify your role, is attending a London acting school, where you will learn the mechanic and science of acting.

Acting is a business, and only those who avoid the above 3 potholes stand to succeed in the entertainment business.