Clover POS systems: Bringing food and table to the business


Every retailer need to make some or other kind of investment which is important for business growth. One of them is investing in an efficient point of sale system such as Cloverflex. This is because, POS help you in managing cash flow, accepting payment from customers, processing sales, managing customer relationships and much more. Every POS system is combination of hardware and software which together help in streamlining business operations. Because of this it become really important to choose right POS.

Types of point of sale system

Terminal POS: In case your business has to deal with a large flow of customers at a time, terminal POS is the right option to go with. This point of sale system is a simple device specially used for processing payments via card by simply reading customer’s card. A terminal POS is mix of software and hardware in a small box.  But, in order to get revenue and sales data it is important to get it connected with internet. Terminal POS system is quite useful in retail stores, malls, spas, boutiques, full service restaurants, farms and saloons.

Retail POS: As the name says, retail POS system is highly beneficial for retail places. This means you should not use a restaurant software for your retail shop. So many apps and software are available in market which claim to perform functions of both platform. That’s why it become much important to choose such point of sale system which matches with your need. Retail POS have particular features and requirements which you will not find in other programs. Some of them even have features of retail shop like inventory tracking, size and color matrix, gift registry, purchase orders, employee commissions, customer data and much more. Not only this, some of the retail booker POS system includes special feature like barcode scanner or digital scale for scanning items.

Countertop POS: A counter POS system is mostly used at brick and mortar stores. It is mostly located on checkout counter where customers can make payment by swiping their cards. This kind of system is in most of the cases stationary plus connected via LAN or dial up connection. It is in fact, one of the most easiest and effective way for processing credit cards. The benefits of countertop POS is not only limited to this, you can even download different applications onto the terminal so as to provide customers with better device interface.

All in one POS: This is one of the great options to invest in. An all in one POS system offer both mobile and desktop POS system. It cover each and everything that you want in point of sale software and even more. All in one POS system is highly suitable for established as well as growing retailers as this kind of point of sale system give ability of running number of stores as well as implementing various processes. Several companies are out there in market that can provide you with this kind of POS station, one of them is Merchant account solutions clover station.