Can AI Reshape the Future of Fashion in India?

AI Reshape the Future of Fashion

Kyra is a fashion, fitness, and lifestyle model who has been featured on the covers of many fashion magazines and has worked with big brands. She’s also a dream chaser, model, and traveler who shares her experiences in fashion, food, travel, yoga, and collaborations with celebrities on her Instagram. Sravya manages her work.  

Fashion designers and brands are now using AI-generated models to showcase their products and push the boundaries of the industry. 

These digital models, created with the help of artificial intelligence, are dressed in various outfits and poses to promote fashion uniquely and innovatively. This exciting development allows for more creativity and experimentation in the fashion world. We might see more AI-generated models on magazine covers.  

How are AI models made?  

AI models like Kyra are made using advanced AI technology and powerful computers. The company behind Kyra, led by Himanshu Goel, uses software like Maya, Cinema 4D, and Unreal  Engine to create her digital appearance. Kyra’s personality and ability to have conversations are powered by an AI program called LLM, which can understand and generate text. The content creation process involves a team of designers, marketers, and stylists who work together based on creative briefs. It’s a combination of technology and creativity.  

Fashion brands are switching to AI models because they believe it can save time and be cost-effective. Gunriddh Sial, a creative director of a fashion brand, started using AI models last year.  She mentioned that she could choose the model, venue, and time of day for the shoot, and other details could be controlled with prompts. This approach provides monetary benefits and saves time. 

After the campaign, most people couldn’t tell the difference between accurate and  AI models. Kanika Bhatnagar, who collaborated with AI model Naina for her jewelry brand,  mentioned that AI models come with a team of highly skilled technicians and developers, which adds a certain finesse to the look. It also creates intrigue among customers and gives a tech edge to the brand, which is excellent from an optics point of view. It’s an exciting trend in the fashion industry.