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Mitashi is 13-year-old company that came up with introductory products for Kids like T.V. Video Games, Talking Educational Computers with multiple Intellectual functions. Later they expanded their product range with introduction of big and small appliances like refrigerator, washing machines, toasters etc. Now Mitashi is a very well known brand for electronics, especially washing machines. Washing machines are one home appliance that you need in your house to be able to eliminate at least one chore that takes up most of the time. Washing machines are unavoidable now in our everyday fast paced life. With so much going on and so much to do it becomes hard to waste your time away doing the laundry. So a washing machine from a reputed brand is a must have. Mitashi is one of the best brands when it comes to washing machines. Mitashi offers washing machines that are both affordable as well as quality washing machines. Their range of washing machine starts from Rs 9000 to Rs 25000. Their range of price is very affordable so if you are on a budget you will surely find the Mitashi washing machine within your budget on When buying washing machine keep in mind the features that you would need according to the type of clothes you normally wear and buy. Additionally to this keep in mind the power consumption of the washing machine and the size of the bulk of clothes it can take in one go especially of you have a big family or a lot of clothes pile up very soon in your house. Decide between the loading options as Mitashi has both front loading as well as top loading washing machines in both semi – automatic and fully – automatic washing machines. You can get the ones that you want easily on On you will get the best price for Mitashi washing machine online.

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