Build Your Cliental Relationship over Golf


The business of real estate can be rather daunting, but only when you are passionate about it and that is the only thing in your mind, is when you device and look out for other ways in which you can incorporate fun in your work. Adrian Rubin the ace real estate developer in one such person who thinks bringing the cliental relationship outside the office can give a boost to it. His basic ideology is that his client should be thoroughly satisfied with the experience that he/she gathers at his LLC named after him.

It is upon this thinking of his that his team of associates also function. They try to the best of their abilities to provide all the necessary information related to the concerned real estate property. One of his main criteria for working is absolute transparency between the client and the firm, and this he feels can be solely brought about by the key element of communication. Without communication there are bleak chances of satisfying the client.

Adrian further believes that in order that the customer be made happy, it is vital the working team should be in complete coordination and always on the same page, so that the chances of complication are at its minimum. Thus, when it comes to dealing with internal issues too he prefers to have open communication. So, in order to take this helpful tool of communication further, he came up with the idea of incorporating one of his favourite sport and pastime – golf, into the scenario.

Venturing along the vast expanse of greens in Philadelphia, Adrian is often found at the golf courses, because this is what he enjoys the most, next to his flourishing career as a real estate developer. It was while playing this game that he thought to himself that this one of the best ways to get his clients to talk to him so that their brains are much more relaxed while they discuss as grave a matter as real estate. Adrian himself, found it rather fulfilling that his work was not needed to be put on hold for his recreation.

The mental endurance and focus involved in the sport is what lures Adrian Rubin to it, this is quite contrary to common liking, as most people refer to golf as a slow and boring game. He, however, feels that it is a marriage perfected in the coming together of mental and physical abilities of a person. It is only when the golfer will learn to bring the two together and block out every other disturbance and distracter will he be able to win the game. This is a great learning process for the real life too is what Adrian feels.

Life is a game full of obstacles and hindrances but only when you are focused and want something badly will you be able to procure it, no matter how much sacrifice and dedication you have to put in. This is the philosophy of the veteran developer Adrian and this is perhaps that has brought him and his firm the reputation for the past thirty years in and around Philadelphia.