Bigg Boss 11: Sapna Chowdary do not Trust Boys


Ragini style dancer of Haryana, Sapna Chaudhary, is one of the key contenders of Big Boss 11. At present, his fight with Arshi Khan is in the headlines outside the house. Earlier, before the first time, the dream was exposed for a first time with a single contestant. He told for the first time why he does not trust boys and why he does not have time to love.

Actually, the dream told Priyank Sharma, who has been very contentious about the show, for the last few days. They did all these things while working in the kitchen. According to the dream, he has one elder sister who had two marriages. Although they got cheated.

For this reason, the dream is not much on the boys. He also told that because of living with his mother, he did not get time for love and affection. Let’s say that Priyank has been out of the Big Boss’s house because of a scuffle from the sky.

In the show, the dream told Priyank that in 2008, her father died. Due to poor financial condition of the house, he is dancing on stage since 2009. During that time he was a 9th class student.

According to the dream, her father used to drink plenty of alcohol. He died due to a heart attack. Sapna said, her mother is very beautiful. His parents ran away against the wishes of their families and married them.