Best Power Drill Varieties


If you do a lot of hardware-related work, then it is essential to choose a good power drill. Although you can find models for as cheap as 20 dollars, they probably will not last through the week if you use it regularly. Cheap versions are made from weak plastic/metal components and can easily snap, turning it into a potential safety hazard. Conversely, you could purchase the best power drill for 500-1000 dollars that you will be able to keep for years afterwards. Although the product is initially expensive, it will more than repay your money in terms of quality.


Chuck drills are available in several varieties, depending on how much you want to pay for it. The cheapest designs use metal chucks that need a key to close or open them. Although this style used to be very common, using a chuck key became a problem when trying to tighten the drill bit. Keyless chucks are much more common in modern versions, but they tend to cost more. Be very careful when purchasing a cheap chuck, because they can often lose their grip if they have not been twisted tightly enough.

General Use Power Drill

A standard drill can be used for just about any task. Although it does not perform as well compared to specialized drills, it will save you from having to purchase multiple drills. The performance of this drill is determined by its motor size, which can be measured by its electrical watt consumption. The more electricity your tool uses, the more powerful it is. A 400-watt drill is not very powerful, so it cannot be used for difficult tasks such as drilling through stonewalls.

Instead of using electricity, some general-use drills get their power from compressed air. These drills are much quieter and cheaper to run, but are not as powerful as an electric drill. Air drills are usually used for vehicles or engineering since they are not capable of masonry work.

Hammer Drill

The hammer drill is one of the strongest and most powerful drills. It can either come with a keyed or keyless chuck and can be tuned at variable speeds. Many of them have reverse gear capability, which can be very helpful if a drill bit is stuck. There are many different types of hammer drills such as percussion hammers, pneumatic hammers and rotary hammers. Many hardware experts say that pneumatic hammers are the best type, but the other ones work quite well too. A good hammer drill can also be used for just about any task except for drilling large holes through concrete.

SDS Drill

This type of drill can be used for just about anything. An SDS drill may be as light as 1 kilo, or it could weight well over 10 kilos. The best power drill models have a rotary feature, allowing them to be used for concrete and demolition work. If you are going to do heavy duty drilling jobs, then this is definitely the product for you. Cheap models can be found for as low as 50 dollars, but you will only get minimal power.