Best handmade gifts for your girlies

handmade gifts

Best friends are more than a family. At some or other point in life, every girl has thought that her best friend is a sister which is born from another Mother. Your best friend is your confidant, secret keeper, your friend, philosopher and guide and everything more than you could have ever imagined.

When it comes to finalizing the gift for your best friend, you face a lot of confusion as you want to gift her nothing but the best! While there is no dearth of attractive gifts in the market, nothing compares the pleasure of gifting your girlie a pretty handmade gift. This will make her feel happy and emotional at the same time.

If your best friend is in a distant city, you can also send a gift online. A gift to Pakistan can be delivered on the same day of booking.

Here are some of the best and easy handmade gifts for your best friend:

  • Dreamcatcher

Nothing compares to the beauty of a pretty dream catcher. The dream catchers are in vogue these days and make for a perfect gifting idea. You can get ideas online to make a happening dream catcher. All you need is colorful feathers, fairy-lights, plastic circle and some creativity with thread work.

  • Scrapbook

Scrapbook is a very special gifting item in itself since it is a storehouse of memories and good times weaved in the form of photographs and words. You can paste pictures of all memorable moments and narrate some special incidents as well as funny incidents. It’s a great option to express your feelings for your best friend. The scrapbook will be cherished by your best friend forever.

  • Jewellery Box

The jewelry box is as special as the jewelry itself. An attractive jewelry box is every girl’s ultimate wish list. So why not to surprise your girl with a handmade jewelry box. You can buy a plain wooden box from any shop or get it made by a carpenter. Focus on the finishing. You can decorate the box with acrylic colors, ribbons or velvet. Add glitters and mirrors on the box.

  • Dainty Handbag

You can either get a plain denim bag from the market or stitch yourself if you are good at stitching skills. You can opt for other fabric and colors as well. The plain bag is your canvas for creativity. You can stitch ribbons, flowers, pearls and mirrors on the bag. Plastic butterflies can also be stitched on the bag.

  • Attractive Footwear

Buy a plain flip flop from the shop and cover the straps with either colorful wool or ribbon. Paste pearls and flowers for a beautiful flip flop that she would love.

  • Bangle Box/ Earring stand

Bangle box and earring stand are yet another items wherein you can show your creativity. Get a plain box or the stand made from a carpenter and decorate it as your heart’s desire.

It has now become easy to send a gift to Pakistan with the help of online gift shops. One can choose from wide array of amazing options along with cakes and flowers.