Benefits of A Medical Office Appointment Scheduling Service


A lot of times, being a medical facility means getting flooded with phone calls. When this happens, if you don’t have the right amount of staff available, you will miss out on many appointments that people need to schedule. This means that not only are you not able to do your job (which is available for all patients) well, but you aren’t able to do what you need to when it comes to helping your business grow as well. In this guide, we’re going to tell you a few benefits that will greatly help your medical office by hiring an appointment scheduling service to do your bidding for you!

Possibility for After Hours Appointments Scheduling

By hiring a medical appointment scheduling service, you can get one on board that offers 24-hour answering, 365 days a year. With this, you can also ensure that someone will be able to reach you at all times, and have access to the control board monitoring service, or be notified by e-mail, text message, or even phone call. If there’s an emergency, your patients can be properly dispatched to emergency services that are beyond your scope of practice too.

Handling Solicitations

When you own any business, especially in the medical field, you can find that your business gets flooded by solicitations from medical service and equipment providers. Hiring an answering service will greatly help because they can nip these calls out before they can get through to you.

Dealing with Irate Patients

Sometimes patients get angry. When this happens, you don’t always have time and your employees may not have the time or training either to handle an irate customer the way they should. With all of the people that are needing help, you don’t have the time to constantly deal with other people’s drama.

People Like to Talk to People

You know how it is when you call and have to deal with a bunch of automated phone system when you call it. It can be very frustrating. People want to speak with other people rather than have to deal with a bunch of automation to filter through.

Saving Money

In order to have all of the amenities above, you usually have to reach out and hire your own team if you don’t have a dedicated answering service. This can cost your company more money, by having to pay for wages, insurance, workman’s compensation, and much more in order to keep your answering team afloat. You can actually save money by hiring a team of dedicated answering service technicians who can do all of the above through another company.


Answering365 (visit website) has been around for years, and while they may cater to all sorts of companies, they got their start by being a quality top-tier answering service that specialized in the medical field, by offering appointment scheduling services, answering services, emergency dispatching and so much more. They also provide solicitation handling, irate patients, and offer a solution so your patients can always have someone live to talk to by acting as a virtual receptionist. They’re so good at what they do, a lot of patients don’t even know they’re speaking to someone not in the office!