Behind-The-Ear Hearing Aids – A Know how


In the different types of hearing aids, Behind-the-ear is one of those which will be places behind-the-ear or on top. They have tubes which send the sound into the ear which is connected by an ear tip. This behind-the-ear type comes in colours which can easily blend in the hair and some times in the skin tones. They can be in chrome colours and even in prints and other designs which can be personalized. These BTE comes in different features, battery types and power. People select the discreet behind-the-ear hearing aids staten island which cannot be noticed and few look for designs.

Can be hidden behind-the-ear

Mini Behind-the-ear devices are designed in such a way that they can be hidden behind the outer ear and they come with a tubing which are ultra thin, and they direct the sound into the ear. The tubing will have a soft tip that will be places in the ear canal and it will not occlude it. With this the person feels that he is hearing naturally as such airflow, sound will enter the ear and amplified sound will be sent through the tip. This process is termed as open fitting and this device can be used by people who have mild to moderate hearing problem.

RITE – speakers help in hearing directly

Receiver in the ear – RITE is another type of mini Behind-the-ear devices. This is also called as Receiver in Canal model. These have speakers in such a way that they are incorporated in the ear tip. The main body is not. These devices can be used for people who have mild to severe hearing problems. They look similar to that of the Mini BTE when they are used.

Behind-the-ear with earmold

Behind-the-ear with earmold can be used by people who have mild hearing problem. They have many features and are in long shape. They have a program button as well as can control the volume. They can be in any colour and style. These devices can control the sounds which have the connections externally to devices like blue tooth, auditory training, television and other hi-fi electronics. Open ear or open fit hearing aid is another device. There are designed for micro style hearing systems and are of ergonomic designs. When a person suffers with hearing problems, they can use any of the devices from hearing aids staten island.

The devices are for mild to severe hearing problems. They come with specifications like batteries which can be charged alert system which indicates low battery with a beep sound; they are water resistance while they are not water proof. They can be custom designed and one can get the device in any colour according to their skin type and they can even get stylish designs. These help a person to solve their hearing problem. With the latest technology used, the wind sound is suppressed and everything will be heard clearly. Bluetooth is another feature of this device. One can hear many devices like TV, phone and other music device music by using this option. Another amazing feature is water resistance. This aid is water resistance and helps the devices protected.