An SEO Process Overview for Newbies


Seo is one of the most important and basic parts of internet marketing which includes ranking your site in google and other search engines so visitors can reach to your site whenever they google your targeted keywords. For newbies, Seo was always a complex task which has become even more difficult after the launch of Google updates like penguin and panda. These updates were launched after 2007 and their aim was to filter low-quality sites from search results. After these updates, seo has become a complex task which requires you to focus on white-hat SEO strategy to rank your site in google. If you are new to SEO and want to rank your site in google then its very necessary to have some basic knowledge about white-hat SEO tactics so you can get rankings without getting your site banned by Google. Here in this article, i am going to explain an overview of SEO process and a few types of backlinks which Google considers as white hat.


An overview

Seo process is basically a three-step process which includes following.
Keyword research: This phase is about choosing a right keyword for your site. Here the right keyword means a keyword for you can actually rank your site within reasonable time-frame.
On Page Optimization: The main objective of on-page optimization is to make your site relevant to your targeted keyword so google can know that your site is actually about or contains relevant data about the keyword, the user is searching for.
Link building: This phase is also called off page optimization but as a new bee I prefer to call it link building. This is a phase when you create links on other sites, pointing towards your site or targeted page.

KW Research: As I explained before that keyword is a technique to find a right keyword for you. Actually, there is no wrong keyword because it’s not a 10th standard math paper and you are not a school guy. Spouse you have clothing store which sells men and women apparels and clothing related stuff then obviously you may want to rank your site for keywords like “buy clothes” “buy clothes online” “clothes for men” “clothes for women etc. All these keywords are right for your business and visitors searching for these keywords will definitely be looking to buy clothes online. So why you can’t choose these Kws for your site? The answer is, the competition on the internet for these KWs is too high because there are hundreds or even thousands of clothing stores on the internet competing and trying to rank for these keywords and you have just a new site with no previous backlinks or authority. So it can take years or even a decade for you to rank your site for these keywords. Now the question is what you should do here, and the answer is you should take a start with a keyword which has competitively low competition and you can at least hope to rank your site in google with just a few back-links and after gaining some authority to your site you can start targeting higher competition keywords. This is what we called Keyword Research. Its a process to target keywords with low competition and high traffic volume.

On Page Optimization: As an internet user you surely have searched millions of quires on google. And by searching these queries or Kws you always got relevant data or sites in search results. Like whenever you search keyword “buy men clothes” you will always get sites which are clothing stores or at least blogs about clothing. You will never get a site selling medicine whenever you will search for clothing keyword. Its because medicine site is not relevant to your search query and Google knows it. Whenever you choose a keyword you want to rank for, you must tell Google that your site is also relevant to the keyword you are targeting. So you can say that On page optimization is a strategy to tell Google that your site is also relevant to your targeted keyword. This process involves mentioning the keyword in title tags, meta tags, description, heading tags of your site or webpage.
Note: Over optimization or keyword stuffing is not a good practice in Google’s eye so must read tutorials and guidelines from experts before doing on the page of your site.

Link Building: Link building is the last but not least step of SEO process. This process is about creating links to your site on other sites which are relevant to your niche. This is an ongoing process. You can consider backlinks as a vote for your site. For example, if a site B is linking to A site then according to Google it’s giving a trust vote to A site. Google counts these votes or links to rank sites in a different position. Here count of backlinks is important. But remember that Google doesn’t only count these links. It also assesses a backlink worth or weight to rank a site. So all backlinks are not same in weight. Some links have more worth or weight and some have less. And some links can even have negative weight too which can harm your site’s rankings so its very necessary to have some knowledge about how to google weight a back-link. A basic way to assess the weight of a back-link is PA and DA. You can read expert’s guidelines to have more knowledge about it.

This is just an overview of SEO process for newbies. There is a lot more to learn before you can start to do SEO on your site yourself or even if you want to hire an SEO company to do it for you.