America said – Will continue to talk to North Korea until the first bomb falls


Jubani Jung between North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump has been operating for a long time. Both leaders are threatening each other. But America is scared of taking the first step.

This is the reason why US Secretary of State Rex Tylson has said that we will continue diplomatic efforts with North Korea until the first bomb falls. Tillerson, an American channel, said that Donald Trump has instructed him to do so.
Trump had also given the signal of conversation

Speaking to the media in the White House recently, US President Donald Trump had said that he is prepared to discuss North Korean nuclear weapons program on the possibility of interaction with him. Trump said in the White House, “We are looking at what can happen to North Korea. I can say this, we are ready in every way.”

Earlier, Trump tweeted that Tillerson’s attempt to negotiate with North Korea was “a waste of time”. Trump had advised Tillerson to ‘save his energy’. Trump tweeted, “Rex is wasting his time trying to negotiate with Little Rocket Man.”

This week, the American B-1B bomber aircraft and the South Korean fighter aircraft jointly conducted the maneuvers. From October 16 to October 26, this practice will take place in Sagar and Yellow Sea of ​​Japan, promoting communication, reciprocity and partnership.