All you need to know about Modular Wardrobe

Modular wardrobes

Modular wardrobes are the trend lately. This is because they offer customization of the wardrobe per house interiors. This choice is not provided by freestanding wardrobes. For someone looking for information on modular wardrobes, here’s a guide to the same.


The best part about these kind of wardrobes is that the addition of racks is up to the person’s needs. The person can choose the number of racks required, their size, the material used to build the wardrobe, and the finish. The perfectly designed shelves and racks give the bedroom interiors an elegant look. Moreover, lightings can be fitted to access the darkest corners of the wardrobe interiors and light it up.


Unlike freestanding wardrobes, these wardrobes do not a lot of space in the bedroom. They can be constructed based on the bedroom size and resultantly, save space.


Keeping wardrobes clean is a difficult task but modular wardrobes make the work easier. The racks and hangers are easier to clean out and arrange.

Choosing the right wardrobe door/shutter

Wardrobe doors can have two different types of opening styles- hinged door or sliding door. Hinged door style can commonly be seen in homes and spaces where space constraint is not a problem. This door style of wardrobes is not favorable in rooms where space is an issue as it leads to people moving other furniture in the room to access the entire wardrobe. In such space constraint rooms, sliding doors are very useful and are in trend, too. They do not take up much space and provide sufficient space for people to move around.

The sliding door wardrobes either have the base sliding shutter system or the elevated sliding system. For the former, the wheels and runners are fixed at the bottom of the door while for the latter, the door hangs from the top and that is also where the wheels are fitted.

Wardrobes that have a base sliding shutter, a border runs on all the four sides surrounding the shutter.  This makes the wheels trap more dirt and makes it harder to clean. It also hampers the movements of the shutters. In the case of elevated sliding, shutters are placed next to each with no need for border frames. This design keeps the wheels clean and also makes them look stylish.

The channels used for wheels and runners differ for both the systems. The load-bearing capacity of the elevated shutters is high (80-90 kgs) in comparison to that of base shutters (40-50 kgs). Elevated shutters are also more durable than the base shutters.

Elevated shutters are more expensive than base shutters but still, they are more recommended due to the perks that they offer.

Choice of Material for Wardrobe Shutters

Wardrobe shutters of all kind can be made out of either Blockboard or MDF. MDF or Blockboard that is 18mm thick is used to make wardrobe shutters. This thickness may go up to a little over 20mm but never less than 18mm. This is because the blockboard used is already pressed with laminated on both sides. People should be careful in choosing laminates for the inside and the outside of the shutters because a difference in the laminate difference can cause the door to bend towards the side of the thinner laminate.It is because of all these reasons that buying furniture from known and trusted brands is of vital importance. If you have been looking for modular furniture and Googling “furniture shops near me” lately, then you can look for a variety of elegant and durable furniture on Furniture Mama.