All in One Guide to Understand all the Aspects of SEO


Internet is a quite complex yet extremely rewarding place where if we work as per the requirements of the same, it offers us quite a number of benefits. The requirements here we are talking about is nothing but the Search Engine Optimization of a website.

SEO is the backbone of any website as in case of that being ineffective, the whole concept of achieving traffic goes out of the window. Thus, it is very important for a web development company to keep the aspect of SEO intact with every page of a site. This is why today we are going to explain all the aspects that we need to make the optimisation effective.

  • Domains and accessibility: The name of the domain is an important factor for better optimisation. Similarly, the crawlability of a website is equally important because if all the pages are not Crawlable, then those pages will not be even visible for the search engines. Thus, choosing a domain name that is simple to pronounce and remember, and creating content with effective linking is something to keep an eye out for.
  • URL and Navigation: These two factors are quite inter-linked but inexperienced SEO company fail to understand that. When it comes to naming a URL, we should always first refer to the hierarchy of website that we are following. This way, the URL breakdown will be simple. Also, it is always advised not to use a number or weird characters in the Url as not only it makes it hard to read for the search engine but also the user will have a hard time typing it down on their browser in case they want to reach to a particular page of your website directly.
  • Compatible platform designs: The last thing that you would want to have issues with is the aspect of compatibility of the website. The reason behind this is that not only it is quite hard and time-consuming to find the point of error but also it requires an experienced web content writing company to get the problem fixed. Thus, it is better to check all the compatibility related aspects first hand otherwise it will cost a lot more to get things fixed later on. Not to mention the decline of confidence you will have to face from the audience as well.
  • Image optimization and Loading speed: Nowadays, using images and Gifs in content is a common practice. But, only SEO experts know that the more Image you use in an article, the longer it will require it to load up. Similarly, if the resolution of the image is too big, the same problem will happen. Loading speed is an important aspect that the audience considers highly because no one likes to look to a loading page for half a minute on a good bandwidth.
  • Content structure and emphasis: just like when we write an essay or a letter, we have to follow a structure to make sure that the content of the writing turns out to be effective. Similarly, when website content is created, it should be done as per a structure which is:
    • Awareness: For Webinars, Informational articles, Blog posts etc.
    • Consideration: For Product and service description, Case Studies and User guide etc.
    • Conversion: For Testimonials, Reviews, Free trial promotions etc.
  • Usage of Keywords: Everyone knows the importance of Keywords and why they shouldn’t. After all, this is the most dominant aspect that affects the rankings of a webpage in the most fluid manner. The fact that keywords are used in a variety of places and manners, make the concept of the same quite complex. But here are some simple factors regarding how to enhance SEO by managing keywords:
    • Placement: It can be placed in places like Title, Meta tag, introduction, body and conclusion of the content
    • Research: It is very important that we use the right keywords in the right content. If the research is not done properly and they are used in an unplanned manner, then it will not budge a single rank up.
    • Length: Keywords are of two types: Long tail keywords and Short tail Keywords. While the Long tail ones are best to be used in headings and Meta tags; short tail ones are to be placed in the content and Title of the page. Also, reversing the order will ruin the Search engine optimisation entirely. So, it is important to keep this in mind.

So, these are all the factors and points that one needs to know about how SEO works and how to fix it properly.