Advantages of using OMR Technology in MCQ Base Examination


Most of the schools and colleges have now been intended to have multiple choice questionnaire examinations. This type of examination pattern proves out to be a brilliant pattern to monitor and judge a candidate’s capabilities. The MCQ type questions are evaluated using the data processing technology. Main technologies that are offering data recognition are OMR, OCR, and ICR, which have been discussed below;

OMR Technology

OMR stands for Optical Mark Recognition or Optical Mark Reader. It involves a process of capturing human-marked responses form documents such as papers, tests, surveys etc. In the initial phase, it started with the hardware systems that incorporates a dedicated OMR scanner. Now, we use software for marking of MCQ sheets, using premium OMR software along with a compatible scanner unit. In this, all documents are scanned and then being processed for further analysis using an OMR software. However, the scanned images of original papers are stored into your computer system.

OCR Technology

OCR refers to Optical Character Recognition or Optical Character Reading. This is the process of conversion of scanned images from typed or printed text into an editable text. This technique is used as a form of data entry from printed documents, papers, surveys or admission forms etc.

ICR Technology

ICR is Intelligent Character Recognition that contributes to a process of reading hand-printed text on forms. It refers to a handwriting recognition system, that allows handwritings of different styles to be converted into an editable text.
Advantages of using OMR technology in MCQ base Examination:


Time Saving Process

The software is designed to process multiple sheets at once. It can evaluate up to 20,000 scanned forms within an hour and the speed of processing can be increased by usage of good quality of hardware system. The process of checking the answer sheets is controlled and processed with the help of a single desktop.


In comparison to a human processing the data manually, the OMR technology evaluates the sheets faster and provides brilliant accuracy marks. It offers consistent and unmatched accuracy to calculate, analyze and compile data.

Cost Effective Solution

The OMR software is a cost-effective and time-saving tool. The OMR technology offers a variety of administrative tasks rapidly and accurately from a central location. The process ensures minimal lags. Whereas, the manual application to analyze and evaluate data is time-consuming and costly. However, an OMR software has initial and one-time purchasing charge only.


The processed data received through OMR is automatically stored in the computer database. The records can easily be accessed. It provides enhanced security to the stored documents.