Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Security Camera Systems


We are aware that technology is supposed to be a dual-edged sword. On one hand, upgrades and innovations could provide amazing benefits for everyone; on the other hand, they may be used for stirring up some trouble. Most of us enjoy the advantages of technological wonders but some people with vested interests would be abusing it and makes things difficult for others. Same is the case with video surveillance systems. The advent of the security camera is definitely one of the ground-breaking innovation of modern technology that is utilized in offices, public places, and most importantly, at your homes.

The security camera system has gained immense popularity and is used predominantly as an effective security step because of the host of advantages it offers. There may be one or two drawbacks that could be remedied. However, the advantages of using video surveillance surely outnumber the disadvantages. Security Camera Systems are increasingly gaining traction and are the hot favorites of all those people who seem to be serious about keeping all their assets and their loved ones secure and safe. Let us explore the fundamental advantages of using security camera systems.


For Effectively Deterring Crime

This is supposed to be the greatest advantage of investing in a surveillance system. Once you have placed them strategically in your office or at home, you would certainly start feeling safe and this sense of security is priceless.

These effective surveillance systems could prevent crimes from taking place. The moment the vandals and burglars see the camera present in your premises, they would give up the thought of invading your home or office because they very well know that the cameras would be catching them red-handed. They know that their illegal activity and their identity would be captured by the camera and the video footage could be used as evidence against them. The security camera system prevents your office or home from being easy targets for crime.

Moreover, cameras in your workplace would mean that the mice would not start playing while the cat is away. You may be attending a meeting in a remote location but you could keep track of your employees back in your office. As the staff is well aware of the camera they would not waste their time texting or chatting and would focus on their work. The punctuality, efficiency, and productivity issues would be well taken care of simply by installing business security systems Philadelphia.

For Gathering Perfect Evidence

Security cameras help you in monitoring the words and actions of people. These advanced cameras are well-equipped with both high-quality audio and video capabilities. The flawless sound along with the clear pictures could be used as evidence.

For Taking Right Decisions

Video footage from security camera systems could help you in taking the right decision while settling any domestic issues or office disputes. Inappropriate, incorrect, or fabricated claims are often made by clients or other authorities. These issues could be resolved in a fair manner thanks to the video footage of the surveillance system. Your camera would be chronicling everything right from a minor tiff to a crime. So investigation of the actual events becomes a lot easier and convenient.


Invading Privacy to a Certain Extent

There have been some occasions where video surveillance systems have actually stirred up some controversies. Some employees have seriously objected to being under surveillance 24×7 without their permission. Some critics raise the issue of invasion of privacy. A few individuals have also, taken legal steps against their employers in this regard.

An Expensive Affair

Advanced cameras could be quite expensive depending on its cutting-edge features. Video surveillance system could prove to be pretty expensive if you are using top grade cameras and installing a number of them in various corners of the house or office. Maintenance and installation also, entail added costs. If you do not possess sound knowledge of the advanced wiring systems, you cannot do it yourself.

Cannot Rule out Vulnerability Completely

If you could stay abreast of the latest features of various security systems, it is quite natural for criminals and intruders to do that. A clever and well-equipped trespasser would know exactly how to go undetected.


You need to have a sound knowledge about the latest security camera systems. Do ample research and understand the features and accordingly make the right choice as per your unique requirements. You must necessarily come up with an informed decision so that you could identify a camera that caters to your expectations and needs.