A Guide to the Do-Not-Call Registry


Have you ever come across those irritating sales calls that pester you to purchase their products? Thus, there are a lot of complaints that are registered on this every year. Thus, there is a national do not call registry that aims to safeguard and protect the consumers from unwanted tele callers. This registry can include the consumers and mainly the businesses that many adhere to and seek to understand. Thus, this is a guide for all those who want to know more about the do not call registry.

Apart from that, the whole do not call registry started back in 1991. It took a lot of time to come into force but it is quite known as do not call list. Due to loads of complaints from the concerned authorities, the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) was signed. It was a suggestion to create the database of consumer phone contacts that will not receive any unsolicited sales calls. Though they were ready to accept the ideologies, the federal trade commission would not move forward with the establishment of the phone number database. But, finally, in 2003, the FTC set up the Do Not Call Registry.

There is a possible Now do not call list scrubbing which helps with the do not call registry. The consumers can now register their phone number and then if there are any unsolicited calls made after 31 days, then they would be punishable with a fine.

It was a record that within 4 days over 10 million phone numbers were registered and by the time the registry ran successfully for seven years, the registered numbers went up to 200 million.

How does the Do Not Call registry help?

The Do not call registry helps in prohibiting the unnecessary calls. They apply to all kinds of calls like unsolicited or sales or any personal phone numbers. Now if you and a particular company have some sort of a relationship, then the call is not unsolicited. It may be things like you requesting a price quote or you must have processed an application. Apart from that, once you request that a particular company should stop calling you, they are supposed to stop. Do not call registry makes sure it makes them stop.

Apart from that, there is this sales call category where they are not supposed to call or pester you. The debt collection, charity calls, call for information or surveys are not considered as sales calls.

There is another section also where it prohibits personal or residential phone numbers. You can register your business phone number on the registry but this will not prohibit any sales calls. You should also be using the same phone number for personal use too.

 How should you proceed with the sign-up?

To sign up for the national do not call registry, it is quick and easy. All you have to do is to follow through the registration process. The Federal Trade Commission will ask you for some personal details like the email address but this is only for the confirmation of your identity. They will not store your information that is associated with your phone number.

You need to follow the steps and register the phone number the next day and within 31 days, you will see the result. Most of the calls will cease to come.

 What if those calls don’t stop?

Then, you need to understand that the registry bans a certain type of call only. If you still think that you are getting calls that are banned by the registry, then you can check if your number is confirmed in the registry or not. You should try to avoid interacting with any of the non-legal sales calls or automatic calls. Do not make any contact with the person who is going to be taken off the list. You should not press any number too. Thus, be careful in handling the calls. If you are getting repeated calls from only one number- like spam calls, then hang up the phone and file a complaint.

 How do you file a complaint?

This is just like registering your number in the registry process. You have to go to the official website and select the report to the FTC option. After that, you can provide some very basic info about the irritating call.


The Do Not Call registry has been helpful to quite a lot of people. The companies which work on tele calling now check the registry to check if your number is there. If it is registered, they ignore your number and if it is not, they proceed to make the call. Therefore, use a Possible now do not call scrubbing feature to help you out with anything. The Do not call registry stops the majority of the unsolicited calls and it is very useful.