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99% And Above: Is Indian Education System Lost And Broken?


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In this era, we have come to such a phase where the existence of the education system is very questionable. Why? Well, almost everywhere through the glorious speeches of media you can see how toppers are being announced. It has become a pattern with the society to triumph and enormously glorifies the achievements made by the toppers in the board’s exams (both X and XII). But are we somewhere in the middle of this rushed system of education neglecting the rest of the students who are not at the top list? Or worse, are we making the life of average students or the potentially good students exponentially difficult?

Education Is Not What It Used To Be

Students who do not get that top grade of above 90% are also students and even they have ambitions and self-confidence. But the over-focusing on top grades is somewhere giving them hell. This obsession of obtaining excellent grades in the board exams by the society is also leading to an end number of suicides among students in many states in India. So who could be blamed for that? Can we blame the media as directly or indirectly the media is ridiculing the students who get below 90%. And this tremendous situation has put forward a deep question before us: is it all about the examination system? Because somewhere the true essence of studying or the beautiful simplicity of learning is lost. You can also learn about the current education system from ETV Bharat News.

And slowly, we are all losing the most essential parts of our society: our youths. They are the next-level pillars of a country. Yet they are all being dragged in a rat race hoping to find a place in the topmost institutions. In turn, this is costing their health, creativity, and level of self-confidence. Now ask yourself: ‘is this how the actual Indian education system should be?’

Why A Broken And Lost Education System?

The first thing that has to be changed is the pattern of the education system. Even after gaining high scores there is serious joblessness, more crimes and poor health condition of the majority of the population. So it is understood that just top grades aren’t changing anything for the nation. You can hardly find a student these days not wearing specs or not suffering from any ailments such as diabetes and heart issues from an early age. And this is a big crisis for the nation as the root cause of all these problems is the education system. Earlier youths wanted to create an impression in the society by serving for the people’s good. Now, youths want to live a high-profile life and be a part of the elite class. Want to know about the new generation education system? ETV Bharat is the right portal.

So, there is no shame in denying that the education system is not broken, but it is getting lost day by day. Nowadays, innovation, imagination and creativity have very less place. All one wants to achieve is top grade. Even if a student loves something else, he or she cannot find that strength in them to go for it.

Finally, it can be said that it is high time to pay attention to our country’s vision towards education. More than anything, the mass has to understand that in the end, a rat race creates rats and not a proper human. Youths are our future and this country does not need to worry about what they actually want. Youths know that. What they fear is to achieve their dreams. So, the only solution to this would be to start creating a positive environment that would help them to chase their dreams. Stay tuned to get more India news regarding the education system.

Let education be a lovely dream and not a curse to society.


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